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Janesville, WI 53548

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Fri – Sun. 7:00 Am – 5:00 Pm

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Skelly’s Farm Market, Janesville, WI. 4,713 likes | 164 talking about this | 4,955 were here. We are open June through October with strawberries, summer. .

Check out what our two corn mazes look like from the air! Our parking lot is on the bottom of your screen. Are you ready to get lost this fall? The mazes will be open star, ting Labor Day weekend.

Do you enjoy our strawberry Jello pie we make in June? We will be making a limited number of our similar, new raspberry peach pies in the summer now! $12.99 gets you an entire pie. It is just as delicious! We have 2 made right now. If we sell out quick, we’ll keep making more!

We are floating away here! Anybody get some cool pictures of the approaching storms?

Come on down to the Janesville Farmers Market today. We have Sweet Corn! Plus lots of great vegetables and baked goods. We also have a fundraiser going on today for Bike MS. 10% of sales will be going to the upcoming 8/1 & 8/2 ride. Baked zucchini goods sales will be 100% for the ride. Come on down!!

We now have sweet corn available! We will be open at our farm, the Janesville Farmers’ Market, and all 8 of our roadside stands with homegrown sweet corn and other produce today. We are open 9am-6pm at the farm now. Come stop by and get your FIRST taste of sweet corn for the year!

Today is our LAST DAY of pick your own strawberries! This is your last chance until June 2016 to enjoy our berries. Tomorrow we will be open with our first day of sweet corn! Our hours will change for the rest of the season star, ting tomorrow, open 9am-6pm every day. Our 8 roadside stands will have sweet corn and other produce star, ting tomorrow as well! See our website for locations of our stands.

Are you guys ready for sweet corn yet!? So are we! We hope to star, t picking our delicious sweet corn by this weekend sometime. We need warmer nights to ripen the corn faster! Tell Mother Nature to step up her game and bring us some heat!

Look at all the dinosuars! We have our own Jurassic Farm set up in the gift barn! Take home one of these cute stuffed dinosaurs for your kids!

Today we are open 9am-5pm! It is the last day you can go through our knee high corn mazes for $3. otherwise you’ll have to wait until fall! We also still have pick-your-own berries available today and hopefully tomorrow, so if you haven’t got your fair share of berries for the season yet, come on out! It looks to be a gorgeous summer day!

Happy 4th of July from us at Skelly’s! Our farm is closed today to celebrate our nation’s independence. However, we are still selling tasty donuts, muffins, turnovers, cookies, and some of our early homegrown produce at the Janesville Farmers’ Market this morning! Have a great holiday, and we will see you again Sunday morning at 9am.

Still want some of those last strawberries of the season? We still have pick-your-own available today and maybe Sunday! Sunday will definitely be the last day though, so make sure you come out this weekend! We will be closed tomorrow for the 4th of July. We will still be open today and Sunday 9am-5pm.

Have you ever wished you could see over the corn in a corn maze? Ever been too intimated by our Impossible Maze to try it? This weekend is your chance! We just cut our corn mazes and they are only knee high right now. This Friday and Sunday (we are closed July 4th), you can try out for the first time ever the ‘Knee High Corn Mazes’. Get both mazes for only $3/person, or do the mazes and get a Cedar Crest Ice Cream Cone for only $5. See for more info. The Knee High mazes will be open two days only. Then, you will have to wait until fall to try them out!

Have you tried our delicious homemade strawberry pie? We have so many available right now just waiting for YOU! This is your last chance to devour this tasty treat until 2016 so come pick some up this week! Only $12.99.

Note our new hours until sweet corn season begins sometime after July 5th: open 9am-5pm every day. Today will be our last day of pre-picked berries. We have a limited supply of pre-picked right now, so make sure you call or check our website for the latest information since we don’t expect these to last all day. We do still have pick-your-own available today and hopefully the next couple days.

Today is our last official day of strawberries for the season. We expect to have a good supply of pre-picked and pick-your-own all day. We might still have a very limited supply of pre-picked tomorrow, and pick-your-own might be open a few more days. This will all be determined day by day, so make sure you come out TODAY for your last great day of berries! We still have plenty of strawberry jam and pie available too! Take note of our hours changing effective MONDAY, JUNE 29TH. OPEN 9AM-5PM every day.

What a beautiful, inspiring and refreshing morning at the farm! We were so happy to have you all out for Abhyasa Yoga’s first outdoor Yoga, Coffee & Community at the Farm event. A big thanks goes out to Abhyasa Yoga and all those who attended and visited.

I think our strawberries are kid approved! Have any fun pictures of your kids in our patch from this year? Post them here!!

Well known in this area for their strawberries and corn. They also have beautiful tomatoes and other farm fresh produce. . Their storefront is full of things to see, eat and buy! Its fall now and the Pumpkin Patch is loaded with pumpkins and they have beautiful hardy mums for sale. We visited today to try our hand at the corn maze. There are 2 to choose from. One is more difficult than the other. But even the “easy” one isn’t that easy! Use your smart phone with a QR Reader or follow the paper map! Strollers work well for little ones. You can hear people laughing about making wrong turns, helping others find a check point or celebrating making all the checkpoints! Lots of fun for kids and adults!!

We drive all the way to Skelly’s Farm from Lake Mills because of the high quality products and service Skelly’s offers.

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Two corn mazes, wagon rides, and more. Produce farm with strawberries, sweet corn, summer produce, bakery, and fall entertainment. Skelly’s Farm Market LLC. This is one of my favorite local destinations in the spring and fall. In the fall, the corn maze is a great activity to do at night with a group of friends.
The kitchen is always making delicious donuts, turnovers, and muffins.
The prices are very affordable.
2713 Hayner Rd Janesville, WI 53548.
(608) 757-1200

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@ xhrhaleeeyy
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Just posted a photo @ Skellys Farm Market

@ xhrhaleeeyy
Rock, WI
Im at Skellys Farm Market (Janesville, WI)

Dustin Wales
@ dgwales
Janesville, WI
Whoosh! (with Chelsea and John at Skellys Farm Market) [pic] —

Dustin Wales
@ dgwales
Janesville, WI
The top of the Corn Maze from earlier… (with Chelsea at Skellys Farm Market) [pic] —

Shawnee Stratton
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Rock, WI
dancedimensions #
stoughtondancers #
pumpkinpicking How dancers pick a pumpkin. @ Skellys Farm Market

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Skellys Farm Market
Pumpkins! (@ Skellys Farm Market)

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