Shepherds In Tosa



(414) 257-9107


6715 W North Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53213

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Went to the new Red Dot aka Sherbrooke aka Shepherds North tonight. Not impressed at all. Place was 10 million times better as Marie ‘s on North.

Christopher Tait and Matt Thurin

Beat Mary Muetze at darts & pool

I say to myself “who in the world is making so much noise in the bar?” The answer, it turns out, is aunt Becky. Leave it to our family to get the party star, ted.

This is walking distance from my house? I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

For a Canadian bar, it sure is dark

hey east tosa- stop down for a drink and say hi to your neighbors.

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Jeff Wick
@ jeffwickmke
Wauwatosa, WI
Thats a delicious plate of #
poutine right there people. #
Food #
foodie #
yum @ Shepherds In Tosa

deawon c delaney
@ deawoncdelaney
Shepherds In Tosa
Okay so I am guessing black people dont come to THIS part of north ave. (@ Shepherds In Tosa w/ 2 others)

Fresh Prince of Tosa
@ quapet
Shepherds In Tosa
Our meeting venue changed (@ Shepherds In Tosa w/ @

M. Sunshine
@ MRC58
Shepherds In Tosa
Poutine time. Welcome to Wauwatosa, new Shepherds – Im glad youre here! (@ Shepherds In Tosa w/ @

Karl Lillie
@ karllillie
Shepherds In Tosa
Im at Shepherds In Tosa (Milwaukee, WI)

Crystal Poteracki
@ CrystalCarleen
Shepherds In Tosa
With amber after work drankkk (@ Shepherds In Tosa)

John Shaw
@ Brewcityallstar
Wauwatosa, WI
AndyTarnoff are you sure Shepherds in Tosa is closing? The bar tender here isnt so sure…

Chris Salani
@ Salani
Shepherds In Tosa
Never been here pretty cooll (@ Shepherds In Tosa)

Tyler Komp
@ Kobbone
Wauwatosa, WI
Rocking the birthday girls glasses haha happy birthday @klipson28 Im glad were friend @ Shepherds In Tosa

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