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(715) 623-5386

(715) 623-6464


709 S Superior St,
Antigo, WI 54409

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Off I go to Fond du Lac!.

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810 Lake Shore Dr W Ashland, WI 54806.
(715) 623-5386

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Brett Smith
@ smithb55419
Fossil fuel divestment is rational, says former Shell chairman #
keepitintheground https://gu.com/p/49een/stw

Bremer County Fair
@ bremercofair
Free Breakfast going on till 10am at the cattlemen stand provided by Flint Hill Resources from Shell Rock & Fairbank! pic.twitter.com/Xg5XJ3xPZI

Erik W Davis
@ erikwdavis
Turkish Tanks Shell Syrian Kurds who expelled ISIL from Zur Maghar https://www.juancole.com/2015/07/turkish-syrian-expelled.html…

Matthew Holehouse
@ mattholehouse
Cameron: We need to stop corrupt officials or criminals using anonymous shell companies to invest their ill-gotten gains in London property

Technology Geek
@ TechnologyGeek
HowToGeek – Bring The Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows 10 with Classic Shell https://bit.ly/1h0x5J3

@ BeerBrewin
10 Things Everyone Spends Their Money on (Including #
CraftBeer)… Except Millennials https://ti.me/1KttRHJ pic.twitter.com/5ojc9LPWCH

Ashley Stevenson
@ stevie271
GrowingUpShy having teachers make examples of you and telling you to break out of your shell as if that wont traumatize us.

@ okaykacey

@ ChemProfCramer
Core-shell-core-shell-core-shell… Oh Hell, Even Weve Lost Track. #

Jadee Dunse
@ JadeeChristine1
Reedsburg, WI
Slowly slipping back into my shell..
icon sad

@ moist_apple
NotHipsterToast @
DreadMorgan @
ImperatorOfPuns @
TheIvyClover1 Portal x Ghost in the Shell pic.twitter.com/aLp47DAKhq

Brad Volk
@ bradvolk14
San Angelo, TX
I wish @
Cammy_toee could be the best man at my wedding. But shell be too busy walking down the isle

Devin Mork
@ Demo318
Minneapolis, MN
Guys, @
kraftfoods left a shell in my MacnCheese! pic.twitter.com/V8oJOmypem

Snap Agency
@ SnapSocial
Focusing on content during design creates better results: https://buff.ly/1eczq1w

Iver van de Zand
@ IvervandeZand
ArjenSAP: #
BigData In Big Oil: How Shell Uses #
Analytics To Drive Business Success https://tinyurl.com/qhloo4a pic.twitter.com/hNlrH1SzSQ” NICE

Jeroen Mols
@ molsjeroen
Switched over to z-shell instead of bash -&gt, Loving it! https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2015/07/become-command-line-power-user-oh-my-zsh-z/… thanks @
wuotr #

Scott K. Johnson
@ scottkjohnson
I love this. Thanks for trusting us with your story, Tiffany!
icon smileRT @
tiffanybrandlib Thanks to #
dsma for bringing me out of my shell.

@ dnbnostalgia
Dont make me Blue Shell you.

Grammas Gifts
@ Grammasetsy
2 turkey hats, giraffe lovey, shell bikini, rhino set and this pug lovey. This will keep me busy. #
grammas… pic.twitter.com/UYMcrpjRsY

@ rachel_six12
Minneapolis, MN
Im at Lake Harriet Band Shell in Minneapolis, MN https://www.swarmapp.com/c/9UE7dwFZ6G3

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Jack Shell retweeted Austin

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Jack Shell retweeted Mindi

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Jack Shell retweeted Nancy Ryal

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Jack Shell retweeted lo

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Whos rockin out with @
995WYCD today on the job? Listen for @
zacbrownband tickets in the 11AM and 2PM hours. #

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Jack Shell retweeted ⚓️Jess⛵️

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Jack Shell retweeted Detroit Lions

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD

@ savvxiii
20,000 Retweets and my dad agreed to get this as his first tattoo ever…. Can we please make this a thing?! pic.twitter.com/zH0r3ckrcP

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
I promise to never tweet about or watch #
TheBachelorette again. How bout them #
Tigers now? Anything? Bueller?

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Nick should have pushed her in the pool. #

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Wait, am I missing #

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
I want to stab out my eyes. I had a woman lead me on like Kaitlyn did to Nick once. It was crushing. Poor guy, Nick. #

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
The good news is that at least Nick didnt have to pay for that ring. #
theBachelorette #

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
That poor bastid, Nick. So awkward watching this knowing how it ends. #

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
A happy couple in love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReHhtQ6yXM4… …

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
I only liked women who were strong, smart, and funny when I was single. I feel less intelligent for watching this show.

Jack Shell
@ JackShellWYCD
Karens watching #
TheBachelorette finale since we were out last night. Kaitlyns a ding dong. Shawns a mimbo. Together, theyre perfect.

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
Want the chance to win a $50 Gift Card to fuel your next #
roadtrip? Enter our #
OnTheRoadSweeps today! https://bit.ly/1HUo7Ud

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
Shell scientists who develop fuel for Scuderia Ferrari are also working on roadgoing equivalents. #
ShellVPowerNitro pic.twitter.com/KwOe4w3pAz

Zac Brown Band
@ zacbrownband
Want to win a VIP trip to our JEKYLL + HYDE Tour? Join @
FuelRewards for your chance to win: https://bit.ly/1SPQieR pic.twitter.com/IJWLg0GL4a

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
Looks like @
joeylogano finally found something thatll stop him in his tracks. #
OhHellNo #
Sharknado3 pic.twitter.com/p8tr7Gks9J

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
To check your tread, look for Abe’s head. Proper tire care can keep you safe and your car efficient. #
CarSafety pic.twitter.com/V8kpUYR3jH

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
ShellVPowerNiTRO removes an average of 60% of harmful intake valve deposits starting with the first tank. pic.twitter.com/QeQldMHsPB

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
See the journey our emblem has been on over the years. It’s a trip. #
TBT pic.twitter.com/smB8tvKgut

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
NO PURCH REQ. U.S., 18+. End 8/30/15. See rules for details. SPONSOR: Equilon Enterprises d/b/a Shell Oil Products US

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
Fill up on savings & good music. Join @
FuelRewards & enter to meet @
ZacBrownBand! https://po.st/sXXCyx pic.twitter.com/fw5OWapxwQ

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
With 14,000 stations, Shell is the perfect choice to fuel this ultimate U.S. #
roadtrip: https://po.st/cHOWmb pic.twitter.com/ttMP2uAPLS

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
Wear in the piston assembly can mean higher oil consumption. Keep things running smoothly with #
ShellVPowerNiTRO. pic.twitter.com/szUJtEjeUU

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
Vintage station signs like these remind us how Shell fuel has been around for a lot of life’s journeys. #
TBT pic.twitter.com/FKf3KMDYYI

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
Wherever you’re headed this holiday, we hope the view is ooh and ahh-inspiring! #
4thofJuly pic.twitter.com/1fb1bY5VFj

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
CarHack: On a hot day, turn your steering wheel 180 degrees after you park to keep your hands from getting scorched. pic.twitter.com/Fv8WoheWtf

Live Nation
@ LiveNation
Join @
Shell_OnTheRoad @
FuelRewards to enter for a chance 2 win a VIP trip to meet @
ZacBrownBand at a @
LiveNation show https://bit.ly/1SPQieR

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
Jump right into @
FuelRewards & enter for a chance to win a VIP trip to meet @
ZacBrownBand! https://po.st/BqpllB

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
See how our premium gasoline fueled a cross-country road race that ended in @
JayLenos garage. #
ShellVPowerNiTRO https://po.st/8N5D8G

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
Driver @
MarioAndretti shows off his Fleet Navigator card during a pit stop on the #
ShellVPowerNitro Drivers Relay. pic.twitter.com/pp1fLG6a8M

@ Shell_OnTheRoad
As demonstrated by the Dual Fuel Car, #
ShellVPowerNiTRO provides unbeatable protection against gunk. pic.twitter.com/n9V1DQHZXT

Also Known As

Wagner Shell, Antigo Shell, Wagner Shell Antigo

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