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(414) 351-0543


6263 N Green Bay Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53209

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Seven Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation. N Green Bay Ave. North Green Bay Avenue. Also, if they had not placed her wheelchair out of reach she could have helped herself. Then she fainted during rehab and was given CPR. The parametics arrived and quickly determined she did not have a heart attack.
She was forced to go to the hospital where she stated she would go home before she let anyone take her back to Seven Oaks.
We came in to get her purse and no one questioned us when we walked out with it, or later when we cleaned out her room. This place needs a complete change in management and employees.
Look at their records on line re inspections.
They parallel our experience.
6263 N Green Bay Ave Milwaukee, WI 53209.
(414) 351-0543

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Tracy Balistreri
@ Trayc20
Glendale, WI
Volunteering #
avedaibw #
giveback @ Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Mary – Nurse extraordinaire! 14 yrs caring for patients at #
sogh. Superpower: humour #
nurses #
whatsupwed #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
What is #
ChronicDisease? RT & help us get the word out! #
winnipeg #
health #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Our #
farmersmarket is back 2morrow! 9:30-4:00.1075 Leila Ave. Come out and #
supportlocal #
winnipeg #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
tbt pic circa 93 @
nursing students were casualties in a mock disaster exercise! #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
The goddesses of Day #
Surgery . Claim2Fame: #
caring . They have seconds to gain a patients trust. #
sogh #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Farmers Market every Tuesday!9:30am-4pm.Wellness front doors 1075 Leila Ave.Starts 2morrow! #
eatlocal #
local #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Time to #
getoutside #
beactive. Go out, enjoy, stay well! #
exploremb #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
our #
TBT pic #
sogh the McPhilips & Leila corner has changed a bit since then! #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Meet our #
librarians! Claim2Fame:helping everyone access info & stay connected. They support us all! #
whatupwed #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
We are gratefully accepting donations of used books and magazines for our upcoming Book Sale. Find details here

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
ChristmasInJuly? Our #
ThrowbackThursday pic of the week! #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Meet some of the #
sogh 4U6 team.Claim 2 Fame: #
teamwork.Thx 4 all u do 4 your patients! #
thankuthurs #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Meet Rose-Ann. Dedicated #
volunteer. Patients & customers make her day.1000W smile,#
bigheart.Lucky us! #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Pool in one? #
fundraising #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Thanks to all our sponsors! Your support makes this day awesome and helps our #
cancer #
chemo treatment patients

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Getting ready for that #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
A big thx to sponsors like @
ArnoldBrosTrans for your support! #
givingback #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Great day for a golf game! @
WellnessSOGH volunteers & mbrs come together to help those living with #

Seven Oaks Hospital
@ sevenoakswpg
Winnipeg, Manitoba
New Seven Oaks Meeting & Learning Centre opened today @
republicarch #

@ AG_Conservative
Re-watching a passionate 2011 Senate speech about debt from Marco Rubio, including him schooling John Kerry (8 min):…

American Associates
@ kirk_pj
American Associates retweeted Neil Cavuto

Nancy Mitchell
@ NancyWonderful
Cape Coral, FL
Shame on you #
WalterPalmer Walter J Palmer .. dentist #
Bloomington #
Minnesota… … @

Jackie Langley
@ jackieaxeNH
Hillarysserver @
Seven_Oaks_ @
Morning_Joe Yes Barnicle is an idiot. Even had2steal other peoples stuff when pretend columnist. #

Hillarys Server
@ Hillarysserver
Is Mike Barnicle and idiot? Does he not listen to Irans rehtoric? Does he not know they ARE suicidal? @
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72virgins #

Chuck Todds Goatee
@ ChuckTod_Goatee
Morning_Joe Why is Barnicle in favor of a program designed (per the CBO) to leave 30 million uninsured? #
Morningjoe #
Obamacare #

@ Junebug1952
JackieOH! retweeted Constitutionalist

Jeff Rakestraw
@ RakestrawJeff
Breaking: According to Breitbart, @
RepMarkMeadows is challenging @
SpeakerBoehner for his position. GOOD…

Chad Pergram
@ ChadPergram
Meadows resolution says Boehner made Congress subservient to the Executive/Judicial branches, diminishing the voice of the American People

First In Last Out
@ 4gen234
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RedNationRising #

Roll Call
@ rollcall
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Bob Gaskin
@ BobG231
BREAKING: Mark Meadows files motion to OUST Boehner from leadership, Mark Levin SALUTES HIM…

@ Junebug1952
America does THIS look like a BLOB of tissue to YOU? @
TheDemocrats think so and are FUNDRAISING off OF THIS

Daniel John Sobieski
@ gerfingerpoken
(IBD) Obama Welcomes #
Bergdahl Leaves Marine Hekmati Behind – – #
IBDeditorials – -105

Josh Painter
@ JoshPainter2154
Where is the next @
tedcruz event? Find it on the Cruz Events Calendar by –, #
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@ mkues65
Lets get #
Meadows trending #

First In Last Out
@ 4gen234
Help #
DefundPP & use @
DataGenesiss #
pjnet tool…

Jeremy Jackson
@ jjack1776
oliverdarcy @
theblaze @
HillaryClinton reducing your carbon footprint only applies to serfs not political royalty. #

Brian Wilson
@ BrianWilsonDC
Wouldnt it be something if, like Petraeus, HRC was stripped of her security clearance? #
dontholdurbreath #

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