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Dr. Richard Schoengarth – Best Appleton Dentist. 87 likes | 13 were here. Dr. Richard Schoengarth, a family dentist in Appleton who offers dental. .

100% of patients would refer friends and family to us. Call us today for an appointment to see why –

Reason #13 to see a Dentist – A family history of gum disease or tooth decay will be an indicator that you will need to practice excellent home care and have regular professional evaluation and treatment. Dental problems are only partially hereditary, most of a person’s dental condition is determined by their own personal habits. It’s not fair to blame your mom and dad for your cavities or gum disease. For crowded teeth, OK, but not for problems that you should be preventing.

Reason 12 to see a dentist – If your bite feels uneven or your jaw aches when opening and closing, chewing, or when you first wake up your bite should be evaluated. The cause may be a problem with a filling or tooth. It may also indicate clenching or grinding of the teeth. These are harmful conditions that cause more rapid wear of the teeth and greatly increased tension and stress in the chewing muscles. The teeth may become sensitive to cold and biting, eventually they may even loosen. The muscle stress can cause headaches. A simple bite appliances can dramatically reduce the damage and stress. Please call us at 920-739-1771 to learn more

Dr. Schoengarth’s expertise in cosmetic and restorative dentistry will make you smile.

Patient Review – As always, the appointment was on time and I was out earlier than usual.

Reason 11 to see a dentist – Smoking or use of other tobacco products increases not only the possibility of oral cancer, they also have negative effects on the teeth and gum tissue. The drying effect that tobacco products produce causes bacteria to stick to the teeth and gums. On the teeth that causes staining initially and eventually the darkening of the teeth in general. The teeth are more susceptible to decay, too, because the saliva isn’t present to rinse the teeth. The gum tissue will develop white spots that may be pre-cancerous and can cause oral cancer directly. Contact us at 920-739-1771.

Did you know your mouth will produces over 25,000 quarts of saliva in your lifetime? That is enough to fill two swimming pools. Saliva aids in digesting of food and also protects your teeth from bacteria.

Reason 10 to see a dentist – A spot or sore that doesn’t look right and isn’t going away requires proper evaluation. The area or spot may be as simple as a cold sore that lasts longer than usual or it could be the beginning of oral cancer. Some medical conditions have early symptoms that appear in the mouth. Oral cancer invades the local tissue but it also can spread. As with any cancer, early detection is critical. Please contact us at 920-739-1771 for more information.

Today is “Give Kids a Smile Day” We love working with kids and teaching them how to care for their teeth. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your kids, and for you!

Reasons to See a Dentist #9. People undergoing radiation or chemotherapy have a greatly compromised immune system and must be very careful to avoid any type of infection. It is important to have all dental needs addressed and treated, if possible, before radiation and/or chemotherapy are initiated. Treatment of dental problems in advance of therapy will greatly reduce the exposure to infection and the likelihood of a dental emergency during or after the medical treatment. Excellent dental care is necessary before and after medical treatment to minimize the risk of infection. Dental treatment while medically compromised will also have an extended healing time. Contact us at 920-739-1771 for more information.

Reasons to See a Dentist #8 – Difficulty chewing or swallowing can be caused by a number of conditions. If it occurs mostly in the morning you may be clenching or grinding your teeth while sleeping. Teeth that hurt while chewing may have failed or broken fillings or the tooth itself may be broken. Usually when a tooth is cracked it will be painful while biting down but the pain goes away when the bite pressure is gone. This problem will persist until the tooth breaks. If a portion of the tooth breaks away the tooth can usually be restored and saved. Please do not ignore a new pain but contact us at 920-739-1771 to determine the cause of the pain and how it can be fixed.
Dr. Doug Nelson – Appleton, WI – Medical & Health

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Richard Schoengarth, a family dentist in Appleton offers dental services such crowns, teeth whitening, dental implants, teeth cleaning.
Schoengarth and his caring team use the latest dental. Schoengarth has decided to retire. He has sold his practice to his business partner Dr.
Schoengarth is referring all of his current and potential new patients to Dr.
In his practice, Dr.
Nelson uses advanced technology to help emphasize prevention, provide thorough diagnosis, and effectively restore smiles and function. Douglas Nelson’s website and find out what he has to offer!
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Reason #7 to see a dentist – Pain or swelling in mouth, face or neck indicated a more severe condition that requires prompt attention. Pain has many potential causes ranging from clenching the teeth to decay (cavities) to broken teeth or dental abscess.
Prompt attention is essential to prevent more pain and spread of the infection. Some abscesses can actually reach the brain and can be fatal. Tooth pain with swelling is not something that will “go away” by itself, it only gets worse. Why You Should See a Dentist – Reason 5 Persistent bad breath or bad taste in your mouth is generally an indication of infection or lack of proper home care. The bacteria that are always present in(…)

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