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kirsten sarah
@ kirstensarahj
Wisconsin, USA
Sarah Lee oatmeal low cal bread toasted, 1 creamy swiss laughing cow wedge, 2 scrambled eggs, tomato & spinach.

@ SarahLeeAnne
CommonSense1212 @
patriotmom61 Sen.@
RickSantorums plan to reduce legal immigration is a piece in his pro-American worker puzzle. #

@ SarahLeeAnne
RT if you agree: Ya know what would make a GREAT birthday gift? An #
Olicity spoiler! Whattya say, @
mguggenheim @
amellywood @

@ SarahLeeAnne
RickSantorum @
FoxNews trying to listen!

Shawn McCoy
@ warroomalerts
Getting ready for an exciting event tomorrow with @
RickSantorum @
idaveprice @
benhoover @

America Trends TV
@ AmericaTrendsTV
Life with cats via @

Laura Ingraham
@ IngrahamAngle
L2L@GeorgeWill argues this is the mostdiverse field the GOP has ever seen@
RickSantorum on not giving into the media

Dr. Bridget Melson
@ calishrink
Dealing with insurance companies. Denied many plans because I am happily married and healthy. We NEED someone like @
RickSantorum in office!!

America Trends TV
@ AmericaTrendsTV
07-26-2015 Medford Detective threatens to kill civilian via @

Shirley Widlacki
@ patriotmom61
marklevinshow Santorum said Obama will now be the biggest funder of terror in the world via #
IranDeal. Would love to hear him on your show

Curt Linderman Sr
@ CurtLindermanSr
When you see the HPV vaccine commercial that talks about one less…theyre right. Now theres one less girl in…

Americas Power
@ AmericasPower
Join us in South Carolina tomorrow for an energy policy discussion with @
RickSantorum and @
InsideSources #

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
@ RosLehtinen
Upgrade of #
Cuba in @
StateDepts #
HumanTraffic ignores #
Castro regime supports sex tourism as means of revenue.

Wayne Dupree
@ WayneDupreeShow
“Stop Iran” Rally Begins in LA – Street Artist Sabo Making a Splash… via @

Emily Ziarko
@ Emmme30
Muncie, IN
Who is tough on immigration? The answer is @
RickSantorum! On @
GibsonRadio he touts his A grade w/Numbers USA!… …

Reagan Foundation
@ ronaldreagan40
Tune into our live stream feed tonight at 6pm Pacific to hear @
CarlyFiorina speak from the Reagan Library!

@ LRacheldG
How to Get Millennials Back in Church: @
Messy_Jordan #

@ Cakegirl82Me
desmondaskew saw you again! #
brody #
larek #

Men of Catholicism
@ MofCatholicism
I joined Planned Parenthood because I wanted to help poor women with real health care needs. I still do, thats why I left. @

Live Action News
@ LiveActionNews
Cecile Richard’s desperation shines through on her ABC ‘This Week’ appearance…

@ valsthewoman
RickSantorum on #
FoxRadio w/ #
JohnGibson POTUS is going to be GREATEST FUNDER of #
Terrorism in the world #
Rick2016 Telling it like it is!

@ alexandraheuser
silvergirl2016 retweeted Mark Tenney

Tina Henold
@ TinaHenold
Thanks @
GibsonRadio for the great interview with @
RickSantorum! #
Rick2016 #

Shirley Widlacki
@ patriotmom61
Rick Santorum on @
GibsonRadio says Huckabees comment about Iran marching Israelis to the ovens is exactly right.

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
LIVE on #

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Photo: ECHL hockey league meetings learning lots about all the changes in the league and also the future…

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Photo: Created a sales inventory catalog book for the Kalamazoo Wings sales team. It’s not your traditional…

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Photo: One of my recent design creations!

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Photo: Learning lots from #
eamc2015 – this session was focused on out of the box group sales ideas and they…

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Learning from PR pros in venue/entertainment biz at #

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
The best gnocchi dish! #

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Photo: Omg macaroons from Chateau Blanc France at Argo Tea!

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Photo: Lunch earlier today the river walk restaurant in Chicago – a pork belly BLT with a fried egg! Oh my…

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
tbt Sweet view from the suite at Wrigley Field #

Jeshua Lauka
@ JeshuaTLauka
happyFriday #
ff @
WorklabByCuster @
dkbanta @
SarahLWLee @
danmoyle @
gregmclogan1 @
jordanwbush @
AllenMarkR @
GREconClub @
MercBank @

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Photo: Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Time to get some milk for these cookies
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Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Video: Found this gem in my album, meet my family in Malaysia – from left to right: dad, mom, Hannah (sis),…

Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Ouch, the feelz… good movie though. Brought many childhood memories of Big Bird
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Sarah Lee
@ SarahLWLee
Hey awesome peeps! I was wondering if you guys knew anyone working in sports/arena marketing? Looking to pick some brains
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Fast Company
@ FastCompany
A new tool from @
BuzzFeed tracks content across social networks to show how stories spread

Bradley Peniston
@ navybook
Just look at these awesome @
USACurlingNats pins sent by the Queen of Kalamazoo Social Media, @
SarahLWLee! Thank you!

PewResearch Journo
@ pewjournalism
News & #
socialmedia: how social media is changing political campaigns, @
BBC goes global w/ its chat app strategy,more

Kalamazoo Chamber
@ TheChamberYOU
Love the @
KalamazooWings? As a part of the Chamber, you can purchase discounted tickets to games on 3.7.15 and 3.8.15! Call 269.743.6011.

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