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Mogul Calamity 86 EXMS, Meridian Glamour 87 EXMS

Our first Rubicon: over 2600G on *interim* data

This EX93 Ramos is just fresh with her 6th calf

One of our favorites. Braya is the epitome of dairy strength, she milks well without being noticed in the barn. With a welded on fore udder and excellent mobility Braya is the type with “staying power”- she continues to get better with age! Sandy-Valley Mogul Braya . VG-88 @ 3-0 2316G 2.52T 2-3 2x 192 18062 4.0 713 3.3 591 inc. last test @ 252 DIM, 104lbs 3.8F 3.4P 0.9 LSCC (Mogul x EX-91 Super x VG-86 Ramos x EX-91 Shottle x Durham Barbie EX-92) * Deyja son @ Select Sires: 2622G “Bonjour” 2.74T 2.65 UDC *flushing her Flame and Distinction daughters, pregnant to Draco

Really like the balance of dairy strength and great feet and legs on our Rubicon calves! (pictured is from a McCutchen dam) What are your impressions of the Rubicons?

G 3.27T silver x mccutchen x 86 iota x planet sapphire

Glamour (meridian x freddie) VG-87 EX-MS

For sale! Draco daughters of Mogul Amber VG-88-EX-MS-2YR, next dam 87 Iota, then Planet Sapphire VG-87 Sandy-Valley Dc Alcatraz 2519G 2.47T ($5,000). Sandy-Valley Drco Acacia 2554G 2.37T ($8,000) Sandy-Valley Draco Ace 2550G 2.28T ($8,000)

All natural chrome! EX MS of Mogul Calamity, the dam of Crackshot 2719G

A Favorite: Actress 2560G 62P 1620M 2.14T (Draco x 88 EXMS Mogul x Amber x 87 Iota x Planet Sapphire) Actress possesses the same dairy strength and clean cut of her dam, one of our all time favorite young cows.

One of 3 full brothers over 2600G (Monterey x Enforcer x Shamrock x Spearmint x Goldwyn x Durham Barbie)

Our top for protein: 71P Glamourshot 2577G (Supershot x 87-EX-MS-2YR Meridian) 65P Liberty 2729G (Kingboy x Supersire Psych – Missys). 63P Cloud Nine 2767G (Silver x 862YR Morgan Calvary-Cosmos) 63P Logic 2748G (Silver x Supersire Psych – Missys) 62P Actress 2560G (Draco x 88-EX-MS-2YR Mogul Amber) 62P Jaelis 2542G (Pulsar x 86 Robust Jade x Planet Sapphire) 60P Accolade 2560G (Draco x 88-EX-MS-2YR Mogul Amber) 60P Pure Envy 2544G (Pure x Morgan Era x 87Robust -Sapphire) 60P Love Me 2638G (Kingboy x Supersire Psych – Missys) 60P Enya 2545G (Yoder x Morgan Era x 87Robust -Sapphire) 60P Pure Ego 2592G (Pure x Morgan Era x 87Robust -Sapphire)

Anthem **interim** 2608G 2.42T (Bayonet x Mogul Amber 88-EX-MS-2YR x 87 Iota x Planet Sapphire 87 x 92 Bolton -Dellias)

Silver x Supersire x Super x Cosmopolitan!

Ramos Cherie EX-93 ready to have her 6th calf!

Nice latimer x bolton music 92

Some of our favorite two year olds! left to right: Mogul Amber 88, Mogul Calamity 86, Meridian Glamour 87, Uno Precious 87

McCutchen x Robust appears to be a nice cross

Super herd of cows between great type and breed leading genomics and owned and managed by fantastic and passionate people !

Surely one of the most interesting farms to visit in north America, great cows, great farm and great people make it a pleasure to visit Bestul road.

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Hannah Pimpo
@ hannahpimpo
Wisconsin, USA
My sweet farmer @ Sandy-Valley Farms

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