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(262) 843-2356


8828 Antioch Rd,
Salem, WI 53168

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Salem Grade School operates an elementary and middle school that offers educational and extracurricular programs to students in grades kindergarten through eight. The schools offer subjects, such as English, American history, computer education, mathematics, social studies, science, music, art, and health and physical education. The school also offers various sports activities, including basketball, softball, track and volleyball. The parent-teacher organization provides assistance to teachers in classroom settings and raises funds for supplemental educational materials and experiences. It also supports school and family social interaction and provides a nonbiased forum for sharing information on issues that impact the students. The school is located in Salem, Wis.

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Milwaukee CP
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Milwaukee, WI
Future Forecaster: Meet 10-year-old Evan from Salem Grade School: FOX6 Meteorologist Rob Haswell talks with our…

@ Tony1061Radar
Salem El
Wolves ball. (@ Salem Grade school)

april patrick
@ sexyANDROIDgirl
Salem, WI
Picking up tay to get her ready for spring formal
icon smile(@ Salem Grade school)

@ Tony1061Radar
Salem, WI
Long, hot Wolves tourney. But kick a** (@ Salem Grade school)

Joe Fookes
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Salem, WI
Im at Salem Grade school

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Salem El
Tournament time!! (@ Salem Grade school)

Also Known As

Salem Consolidated Grade School, Salem Consolidated GRADE Schl

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