Rock County Jail



(608) 757-8000

(608) 757-2244


200 E US Highway 14,
Janesville, WI 53545

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Open Hours

Mon – Fri. 8:00 Am – 12:00 Pm

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Velena Jones
@ velenajones
Janesville, WI
A new Rock county jail program, seeks to help both dogs and inmates. #

Janesville WI News
@ JanesvilleNews
Janesville, WI
Six Rock County Jail inmates ingested jimson weed, sheriffs office says: Six inmates are in troub… #

@ McCannTori
Wisconsin, USA
If you keep acting like crazy nut, youll go to the rock county jail, with the other crazy nuts Says my uncle to my 3 yr old cousin..

Janesville WI News
@ JanesvilleNews
Janesville, WI
Janesville man booked into Rock County Jail for 4th OWI offense: It happened on the 400 block of S… #

Reese Money #Bf
@ Naesavage_
Beloit, WI
Oms I hate going to rock county jail cus I be in there w them Heiron addicts & they be talking about when they use #
Bitch swerve GeekinAss

Neighborhood News AM
@ yatown_news_am
Wisconsin, USA
Public record for June 14, 2012 -Janesville Gazette,Janesville,WI/Public-record-for-June-14,-2012?pb=Janesville+Gazette&lo=Leyden%2CJanesville%2CWI&sn=By+GAZETTE+STAFF%26mdash%3BThursday%2C+June+14%2C+2012+–+MICHAEL+D.+PETERSON%2C+25%2C+of+1518+Wolcott+St.%2C+Janesville%2C+at+5%3A40+pm+Tuesday+at+the+Rock+County+Jail+on+a+bench+warrant+charging+him+wit.&vi=y&ti=Public+record+for+June+14%2C+2012&… #
Leyden #
Janesville #

Janesville WI News
@ JanesvilleNews
Janesville, WI
Renovation bring Rock County Jail into 21st century: Rock County officials have spent more than half the life of…

Jes Checo
@ jesexica
Janesville, WI
Im at Rock County Jail (highway 14, Janesville)

@ 13WREX
WANTED: Police say soon after news releases were sent for James Ford, he turned himself in to the Rock County Jail.…

Also Known As

Rock County Sheriff’s Dept, Sheriff’s Department, Rock County Sheriff/Chief Deputy, Rock County Sheriff-Dectective, Rock County Sheriffs Office

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