River Woods Outpatient Center


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(414) 963-7100

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375 W River Woods Pkwy,
Milwaukee, WI 53212

River Woods Outpatient Ctr

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In operation for more than 160 years, Columbia St. Mary s provides a range of health care and medical services. It serves several individuals and families throughout Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Sheboygan counties in Wisconsin. The health system offers dermatology, diabetes treatment and podiatric medicine solutions. Columbia St. Mary s maintains wound healing, sinus and bariatric centers. It also provides a variety of cancer and behavioral health care services. The health system operates the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute and Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Columbia. Columbia St. Mary s maintains urgent care and outpatient center locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin. In addition, it offers gastroenterology, rehabilitative and orthopedic care solutions.

Open Hours

Sat. 7:30 Am – 8:00 Pm

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Megan just got called back and is freaking out a little. She is in the chair waiting for the doc to star, t. When i left the room they where giving her laughing gas. She lucked out and only has 3 wisdom teeth. Doc said she should be done and ready to go home in about an hour. Thinking its gonna be a long next couple days trying to keep her pain managed but at least she will be with me so she wont be alone

Really tired but I gotta do what I gotta do!!!

Omg, lord please be with me while I try not to snap! Smh, this li boy right here. He lucky we in the place or I’d whoop his ass. N got the nerve to be mad! Wtf!!!!!

Down to business wisdom tooth be gone

“Ahhh, finally I can get some rest”. yup, it’s the flu! ‪#‎InfluenzaA‬ ‪#‎KidCoodies‬

Mom, my nose is really really numb!” Ugh this boy won’t shut up. .let’s get this done already!!

Need to learn how to clean the restrooms. .for a hospital/clinic that was down right nasty.

Amazing facility!!! Will always bring the family back for urgent care needs. .

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Urgent care services are located in River Woods Outpatient Center on the southeast corner of the building.
River Woods Urgent Care. W River Woods Pkwy. West River Woods Parkway. They provide consistently fast, excellent care. Usually wait time no more than about 20-30 minutes to be seen by a Nurse and soon thereafter a physician. We often left 1h after arrival all set with prescriptions & advice. I’m waiting more than an hour and a half (and counting) and I’m still in the waiting room. I understand this is not the emergency room but there seems an Urgent Care facility should have some urgency. I visited this clinic while out of town, that’s why I could’t seen my regular physician. The waiting area chairs are also really uncomfortable, which makes waiting that must worst when you’re not feeling well. The african american receptionist is very pleasant and kind, along with the nursing staff and Doctor’s.
We were seen on a sunday and will be back.
I was very pleased with the convenience of Riverwoods Urgent Care. I was seen there fast on a Monday morning.
The staff was very helpful and caring, I will go there again when needed.

375 W River Woods Pkwy Glendale, WI 53212.
(414) 963-7100

Also Known As

River Woods Urgent Care Center, River Woods Urgent Care Ctr, Hambrook, Sarah, MD River Woods Outpatient Ctr, River Woods Outpatient Ctr

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