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Seafood entrees- Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, Scallops, Fresh Fish, Steak entrees, Chicken entrees, Appetizers, Soup & Salad, Cheddar Bay Biscuits, Desserts, Specialty Dinner & Lunch Entrees, Children’s Menus, Wine Variety, Lunch Specials, Lighthouse (light menu), Wood-Fire Grill, Gift Cards,

Fresh is in our food:
Each day, you’ll find an updated selection of fresh fish on our Today’s Fresh Fish menu, not to mention live Maine lobster, freshly baked Cheddar Bay Biscuits™, crisp salads and a host of fresh seafood recipes waiting to be explored.
Fresh is in our knowledge:
No one knows seafood better than we do. As global seafood buyers, we have employees stationed throughout the world who inspect our seafood the moment it comes out of the water. They ensure it meets standards that are second to none. Then, the renowned chefs at our culinary center deliver the fresh expertise that turns it all into something truly special.
Fresh is in our dedication:
We hold ourselves to the highest standards for service, quality and a welcoming atmosphere. And we’re focused on doing what’s right – for our employees, in our communities and in the world.
Fresh is in our commitment:
You deserve the freshest food and thinking. So every time you visit one of our seafood restaurants or our online seafood store, you’ll find an uncommon commitment to deliver the best of the sea with fresh energy and fresh ideas that we hope will make you want to come back again and again


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@ baileyythoeness
courtney_mac527 @
Becky_Bird_ Im thinking of becoming a red lobster spokesperson actually

Pete Sanger
@ sangerlicious
Going to Red Lobster for the 1st time tonight. What must I order?

@ thatonekyleguy
Red Lobster is pretty American.

@ 1LocoLos
Red Lobster one mo time

Jobs in Minneapolis
@ JobMinneapolis1
Job #
Minneapolis Red Lobster—Looking to hire (Blaine-Location): Our hourly team is what keeps Red Lobster r…

Phil Mackey
@ PhilMackey
Arrived in Mankato for #
Vikings training camp. Trying to decide which gourmet food establishement to hit first: Red Lobster? Or Applebees?

Kristen McCune
@ InAWomansWorld
Theres a current Red Lobster commercial that says Crab like nobodys watching & EVERY TIME I think it says crap like nobodys watching.

Nyah Mallory
@ _Punchanella_
Somebody take me on a date to red lobster lol

Lake Nona Realtor
@ LawrenceBellido
Is it just my imagination, or can you really smell Cheddar Bay Biscuits outside of Red Lobster Seafood Co.’s…

@ kayannalawler19
That moment when you bring home 24 red lobster biscuits for your family

Chelsea Lankford
@ truelane
After listening to @
EricHutchinsons live album, have to say Im quite stoked that Tell the World just played in Red Lobster.

Fake Lilo
@ Kix1025
TiffanyyChantal red lobster Im telling you

Jeff Grieshammer
@ jgrieshammer
This is my family on our son Austyns birthday July 15th at his favorite birthday stop, Red Lobster – Happy #9 Austyn

Andover, MN
Ways to my heart, red lobster biscuits or Texas road house buns

You & Me. Hennessy
RT @
REEMSTAYSTYLIIN: Red lobster did me dirty me need a nap

@ KevinRompaWBAY
After playing tennis outside yesterday for two and a half hours…Ill be posing for ads today for Red Lobster. #

Kyle Balash
@ kbalash8
The waitress I had at Red Lobster tonight told me I looked like Daniel Radcliffe. Still unsure on whether its a compliment or not.

Nick D
@ Dietr_kid20
imsoloveLee haha me and cook went there like 2 yrs ago and I aint been back since. Ill get red lobster or sum for that price lol

N.I. (Future Flava)
@ MRsadeen
Golden Valley, MN
Im at it again …. Red lobster having crab fest and they got these Alaskan #
Bugatti or #

@ angied
96% sure that Red Lobster commercial begins with “I’m going to crap like nobody’s watching.”

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Red Lobster
@ redlobster
Got plans this Saturday night? Don’t worry, a cocktail this flavorful will plan your night for you.

Anjali Fluker
@ AnjaliFlukerOBJ
Is it just my imagination or can you really smell #
CheddarBayBiscuits outside of @
redlobsters @

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
Ready to crack, dip, and dunk a plateful of succulent crab? We are. #
Crabfest starts today.

The Daily Meal
@ thedailymeal
Put your @
redlobster knowledge to the test! @

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
We’ve cooked up something so delicious you’re gonna want to crack it wide open. Can you guess what it is?

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
Don’t wait until it’s over to realize you could use an #

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
A free appetizer or dessert just for joining the Fresh Catch Club? How ‘bout them apples?

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
Who gets the last biscuit in the basket? Whoever grabs it. #

nicole | 3 days
@ room93lwt
I just tried the Warm Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie from @
redlobster and I think I now know what heaven tastes like

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
A free app or dessert for signing up for Fresh Catch Club? That’s as easy as Lobster Pizza pie

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
You don’t need a gentle breeze to know you’re in paradise. But we do have A/C. #

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
With liberty and wood-fire grilled seafood for all. #

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
Visit the islands without leaving the table. #

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
It’s a magnificent feat, balancing pineapple on shrimp on wood-grilled salmon. But we trained for it. #

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
It’s #
TacoTuesday, do you know where your Tilapia Tacos are? #

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
Celebrate this long #
FirstDayofSummer with the Sunset Island Margarita before they’re both gone. #

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
The hunt for the perfect #
FathersDay gift is over.

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
Red Lobster’s Island Escape. #
ExplainParadiseIn4Words #

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
Heaven is a plate on Earth, and these island flavors will take you to cloud nine. #

Red Lobster
@ redlobster
It’s not just a gift card. It’s showing the World’s Best Dad he raised the best kid.

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