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Green Bay, WI 54304

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Concrete Ready Mix Plant. It is my opinion that this company is not honorable. We had an incident where we were traveling in an opposing lane and a rather large stone fell from their load just after it had left the gravel pit. The stone made a huge hole in the windshield of our car.
Before we could turn around to pursue the truck to get the name of the owner, it disappeared.
We went into the gravel company, described the truck.
The dispatcher said that it was from Red-D-Mix and gave us the phone number but could not provide a truck number.
We called numerous times on different days with the same response. He will call you. Approximately a week later, he did call and said that he did have trucks at that site at the time and date but that unless we could give him the tag #, he would not help us.
We were riding in a small convertible with the top down and had that rock fallen just a few milliseconds later, it would have hit the driver in the head and likely caused a potential life threatening injury. All we were asking Red-D Mix to do is to reimburse us the deductible for the windshield which we were submitting to our insurance. Not only did we suffer the loss of the deductible, we also lost the 10% discount on our entire policy for a no claims reward.
That reward would have been worth approx. I feel that since we had several means of identification, the collaboration of the pit dispatcher that it was one(…)

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