Real Chili Restaurant




(414) 271-4042


419 E Wells St,
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Open Hours

Mon – Wed. 11:00 Am – 12:00 Pm
Thu – Sat. 11:00 Am – 3:00 Pm
Sun. 11:00 Am – 11:00 Pm

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Wow, like we really need to stop by this famous place!! Lol

Some food and going home. Nice relaxing night.

The ONLY way to end a perfect night out

The after-dinner candy bowl is almost as good as the dinner itself. Look at all those Andes mints!

First time customer today. NOT IMPRESSED, how can you even call that meat? I will not ever be back here!

Real Chili is the “real deal”! It’s not about the wet spaghetti noodles that base the bowl, nor the beans and meat chili that sauces the pasta. nor the cheese (or extra cheese) that combines to make this dish a pseudo “mac and chili-cheese” – “oh god . add double onions and pour hot pepper vinegar sauce all over it to cut this star, chy- Frankenstein (wtf) chili dish extraordinaire”. It’s the ab…undance of gluten n white flour small oyster-chowder crackers that are readily available to continuously add to your bowl of “chili.” This is what makes “Real Chili” – a really ridiculous experience and a college kid staple food. In fact I submit: “with the proper application of crackers. your bowl of chili can be virtually endless!” Aside from a star, ch bomb, a drunken “munchie” staple food (that sustained sooo many college kids at Marquette University over decades) . Real Chili in my mind has always provided a community service and fostered a lasting tradition of late night “cracker throwing wars” and hangover helpers that makes this place an institution! God bless ‘Real Chili’. Еще

Besides waiting in line with 2 people in front of me for 15minutes It honestly felt like I was eating straight salt. Pretty sure my blood pressure skyrocketed after a bite I had to really force it down. Don’t get the hype but if you’re a big of salt by all means have at it.

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