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Septic Tank Pumping & Portable Toilet Rental, 3000 Gallon Tanks, Over 200 Feet of Hose, Toilet Rental by day, Week, Month

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Raska Sewer Service & Portable Toilet Rentals, Osceola, WI. 340 likes | 6 were here. Friendly, dependable and knowledgeable. Raska Sewer Service is a. .

How often should you pump a septic tank? Polk and St Croix county Wisconsin recommends/requires a homeowner to have a septic tank service pumped and or inspected every 2-3 years depending on the proximity of lakes, river, and streams. However, family size, type of toilet paper used, and amount of house hold cleaners and chemicals used in a home increase normal recommendations.

Septic pumping season has arrived. Maintaining septic tanks with regular pumping will save you money in the long term, a failed drain field replacement cost thousands, solids will clog your drain field if not properly maintained. Raska Sewer Service pumps septic tanks in Wisconsin’s Polk and St Croix county’s. 715-755-4888

Gatorsite photo shoot of new portable toilet truck

Deep frozen frost has septic pipes backed up and septic tanks with ice inside all throughout polk county Wisconsin, if your septic pipes have a tendency to freeze run lots of hot water when you wake up and before you go to bed!

STOP! Before you put the garden hose away for winter, make sure to wash the septic system filter. Preventing septic backups in the house throughout winter smile emoticon

Septic pumping reminders if you received a Polk or St Croix county septic inspections are due in October. 715-755-4888

Face lift. High rise Rooftop Crane lift portable toilet rentals in Polk and St Croix County Wisconsin

Thawing plugged frozen septic and sewer pipes yet. Who would have thought almost may!

The first round of county septic pumping Inspection cards were sent to homeowners last week. If you are due for a septic pump out give us a call at 715-755-4888. Septic pumping in Polk County WI & St Croix County Wisconsin. Road restrictions are still on for the spring but will be off soon. Let the septic cleaning season begin!

Still thawing septic pipes in Polk county Wisconsin. Thawing frost causes septic pipes to freeze and break as the frost shifts around in the ground. A harsh Wisconsin winter has left many area home owners with broken septic pipes because the frost was abnormally deep this year!

Portable Toilets open for business at Osceola Golf Course

Still thawing frozen septic pipes, frost is in the ground yet!

Septic tank riser extensions and septic cover installations

New Richmond, Wisconsin Septic pumping waste removal of a newly discovered old BASEMENT SPEPTIC SYSTEM. While remodeling a home an old septic system was discovered inside a basement of a home. A current septic system and drain field is in use. Something new everyday at Raska Sewer Service! Pumping of the old septic system was needed to fill in the old septic system holes with cement. Www.RaskaSewerService.com Septic Pumping Service’s Polk St Croix Co. Wisconsin 715-755-4888

This review is hidden. View reviewExcellent service!! Thank you from saving us from a potentially “shitty” situation over the Fourth of July weekend!!.

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Raska Sewer Service & Portable Toilet Rentals.
Quality toilet restroom rentals for weddings, gatherings, party’s, graduations, and construction sites.
Raska provides toilet rentals for day, weekend, weekly, or monthly. Our portable toilet restroom rentals in Houlton, Wisconsin are top of the line and specifically designed for either classy weddings, party’s, parks, or construction sites.
We also provide Portable ADA handicap restroom toilets, hand wash stations, and hand-i-stand hand sanitizer stations in Houlton Wisconsin. Portable toilet restrooms in St Croix county’s Houlton Wisconsin for small gatherings, large events and very large events.
Best Lookin Toilets In St Croix County. These are so nice to have for big events like races and family gatherings.
They sure do a good job!
Who should i call to pump my septic tank system in Polk county? Who is the best septic tank pumper or hauler to call for septic pumping services in Polk County Wisconsin? Keith Raska of Raska Sewer Service & Portable Toilet Rentals of Polk County Wisconsin. A leading septic tank pumper, roto rooter, septic home Inspector, and portable toilet rental company in Polk County Wisconsin!
Serving Wisconsin’s Balsam Lake, Centuria, Cushing, Luck, St Croix, Dresser, Amery, and Osceola’s one stop shop for all your sewer, septic and portable toilet rental needs.
Quality toilet rentals delivered to Centuria, Milltown, Amery, Luck(…)

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