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Mon – Sat. 10:00 Am – 6:00 Pm
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Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative, Madison, WI. 4,004 likes | 16 talking about this | 159 were here. Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative is a cooperatively-owned. .

We’re super excited to host former Rainbow volunteer Matt Dineen for a reading and discussion around his zine “Not for You: Stories of Music & Work in the Precarious Service Industry”! Coming up on Tuesday, July 21st-

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners meets every Wednesday at Rainbow at 4-6pm. Just in case you’ve got some reading material (in really good shape — the DoC is strict about this), here’s some stuff we’ve had requests for but currently don’t have a lot of in stock — books on: the I-Ching the Bhagavad Gita Art instruction. Space exploration If you have anything along these lines you’d like to contribute, please drop them by Rainbow at anytime during store hours and say they’re for WBTP. Thanks!

Hola, compañeros! Camy read us a letter the other day at the Wisconsin Books to Prisoners session and we thought we should share some of it so people can get some idea of the kind of work WBTP and LGBT Books to Prisoners are doing here at the bookstore three days a week. This comes from a prisoner currently incarcerated at the Waupun Correctional Institution: “Hello! I hope things are going well for everybody there in the Bookstore and in the Books to Prisoners Project . . . . Books have been and still are my best friends in here. They are so important to me I can’t even put it into words. I’m very broke and I probably will stay that way for some time. So it is a great comfort to me that your organization exists and cares about prisoners. And I will tell anyone who will listen in the free world, to visit your store and help support you in the good deeds that you do . . . “I have most recently been sent a book called ‘A Guide to Guatemala’ and another one called ‘Venezuela: Lovely Planet’ . . . I love to lose myself in these travel books and dream about the day when I can go places and explore exotic cities and cultures! The prospect of hopefully, someday, being able to live these dreams is a big help to me to keep hope alive that there may be opportunities for me in the future to enjoy some of the God given blessings in this world, if I can ‘straighten up and fly right. I’m working hard to learn coping techniques and meditation, and I am strengthening my self discipline on a daily basis in order to prepare myself for living a productive and purpose driven life when it is my time to be free again. “. . . I will never forget. It means so much more to me than you probably know . . . Trust that your kindness will not be wasted on me. The knowledge you are helping me to access, I will always try to use for good and improvement of my environment, wherever I happen to be.” Remember, kids, when you support Rainbow, you support more than just a bookstore. And thank you.

Did you know Harvey likes to ride around the store on bookcarts? Remember, the more often you stop into the Rainbow Bookstore to see what fab new books we might have, the better your likelihood of catching Harvey when he wants a ride. YOU could give Harvey a bookcart ride! It’s like Six Flags! For Harvey! Also, for those of you wondering what the hockeysticks is going on in this post, Harvey is a cat.

Hey, kids, do you have enough books? If you answered “yes,” you might be wrong because nobody does! Remember, at the Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative, we sell really good books. Stop by sometime to see if there’s one here that you’d enjoying reading and learning stuff from! DISCLAIMER: Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative takes the position that it is perfectly acceptable in post-Victorian society to end sentences with prepositions.

Dear Rainbow Bookstore Co-op friends, compatriots and volunteers past and present — and, hopefully, future. Hi! Just so everybody knows, some big changes are happening at Rainbow owing to, basically, jerk “market forces” that no terrestrial bookstore can really avoid. You know the ones. The nut of it is, we are transitioning to an ALL-VOLUNTEER staffing mode and, while we will never expect anyone to commit time they don’t have, we are really hoping to get all hands on deck. as much as those hands are able. Joshua and Debbie will continue to give us a day each week as volunteers, but for the balance, we need to find out if we have sufficient volunteer staff to handle our current business hours, if we will need to curtail those business hours, and (sort of presuming we do) how we can assure we are regularly, consistently staffed for even thusly curtailed business hours. Obviously, making sure Harvey is getting the attention and nurturing he requires is a big part of this readjustment. Rainbow has long been a labor of love and solidarity, so, while this new phase is daunting for all of us, if you think you can help us navigate these waters and keep Rainbow operational as the community resource it’s always been, we want to hear from you — even if we haven’t for a while and even if we haven’t before. Again, we don’t want anybody to do more than they can comfortably do, we just want to see what everyone CAN comfortably do so we can plan accordingly. Send us a shout at Rainbowbookstorecooperative@gmail.com and BE the change you want to see in volunteer bookstore staffing!

Please drop off your clean, gently used, all sizes/colors t-shirts here at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative star, ting today for the next two weeks (April 24 to May 8). T-shirts will be used to screenprint “Free the 350″ and “Black Lives Matter.” All proceeds from these shirts will continue to go directly to the Young, Gifted, & Black Coalition (ygbcoalition.org). Rainbow’s hours:. Mon – Fri 11am – 5pm Sat & Sun 11am – 3pm * For more information: discordcollective (at) gmail.com

An amazing poet is reading tonight at 6 here at Rainbow — we hope to see you!

Hello, friends! We would really appreciate anyone who could spare some paper or plastic bags, especially as we get through the last week or two of textbook sales. Feel free to drop them off anytime we’re open, whenever is convenient. Thank you! smile emoticon

Some people say the world sucks and has an imminent demise arising. Well those people have never been into Rainbow! This. bookstore co-op is an amazing place with a great selection of radical, critical, righteous texts that will get you excited about finding a place of anti-hegemonic resistance! I am proud to know and participate in such a beacon of radical community. If you don’t agree, you suck.

Excellant selection of unique, wonderful books with friendly staff and excellant people to meet. There are zines and mag. azines that you can hardly find anywhere else with high quality posters peppered everywhere. Rainbow Bookstore offers excellant events where you can meet authors and they also provide table sales at certain author events. They also are the home to many charities which rely on the space rainbow provides. Stop in for an excellant experience and say hi to Harvey the cat!.

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Great bookstore featuring a large collection of Socialist, Anarchist, Empire, Environment, LBGT, and other important sections for challenging the status quo.
426 W Gilman St Madison, WI 53703.
(608) 257-6050

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