Racine Country Club




(262) 637-7107

(262) 637-8537


2801 Northwestern Ave,
Mount Pleasant, WI 53404

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Racine Country Club is a recreational facility that features an 18-hole golf course, swimming pools and tennis courts. It provides accommodations for business and leisure travelers. The club has a banquet facility that provides arrangements for formal and informal events, such as weddings, anniversaries and business meetings. Racine Country Club has a dining room that can accommodate more than 300 guests and offers a variety of food options. In addition, it provides several membership plans for guests. The club conducts pizza and pool parties for children. Racine Country Club conducts various tennis lessons, as well as organizes tournaments. It is located in Racine, Wis.
18 Holes


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Found on Facebook

Great club, seems like an extension of my home. The golf course is in such good shape this year. Very scenic landscapes . that has matured over 100 years. . We are excited to play pickleball and meet new friends. Even simple card games, become more enjoyable when you don’t have to clean the house to get together.

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juvie cacatian
@ juvious
Racine, WI
Having loads of fun. Bye Felicia! #
oFISHciallywed @ Racine Country Club https://instagram.com/p/5lGPEHTV97/

@ MariselaSRomero
Racine, WI
I love eating at Racine country club .

drew wehrle
@ avantaardvark
Racine, WI
Im at Racine Country Club in Racine, WI https://www.swarmapp.com/c/7rt2er0fNEm

Drew A. Franklin
@ dafrankl
Caledonia, WI
Racine Country Club holds an event and ignores all of its members who dont sign up..#

Sawyer Schick™
@ SawyerSchick
Racine, WI
Fireworks at RCC #
4thOfJuly @ Racine Country Club https://instagram.com/p/bNNauQm8Jf/

Sawyer Schick™
@ SawyerSchick
Racine, WI
4/20 blaze em at RCC @ Racine Country Club https://instagram.com/p/bNMQ-sm8HZ/

Milwaukee CP
@ MilwaukeeCP
Milwaukee, WI
City reaches settlement with Racine Country Club over assessments: The city of Racine has negotiated a $108,700… https://dlvr.it/2rF4MM

Christopher Martinez
@ cj_martinez
Racine Country Club
Im at Racine Country Club (2801 Northwestern Ave, Racine) https://4sq.com/oeh3L2

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