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Purple Durple Organizers. 76 likes. Randy Wickstrom Owner of Purple Durple Organizers -Professional Organizing Service for Home & Office. Creating. .

Too many “to do’s” and not enough done? Create a master list and prioritize those that will have an immediate positive impact in you life and do those now.

De-cluttered and passed inspection with flying colors to avoid client’s eviction notice. Hooray!

Sincere thanks to the Fremont Public Library Staff for the insights and positive feedback on today’s Keys to Success for an Organized Workplace seminar.

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Purple Durple Organizers provides Professional Organizing Services for Home & Office. Specializing in creating clutter free lifestyles with less stress and more success.
Organize Your Life Around Your Dreams…and Watch Them Come True – Lets Celebrate. You’re receiving this because you’ve subscribed or granted your permission to be included in the PDO Newsletter Mailing List. If this does not interest you (you’re already neatly organized and you don’t feel you will benefit from any tips, etc.) PLEASE go immediately to the end of this. Watch Them Come True™ – Dog Days of Summer. Organize Your Life Around Your Dreams… and Watch Them Come True – Dog Days of Summer.
Organize Your Life Around Your Dreams… and Watch Them Come True – May Newsletter.
Garages are Great for Storage –  Too often a garage becomes a dumping zone for a wide variety of cast offs and detritus.
With a little effort and organization you can maximize what’s likely the largest storage space in your home… your garage. Garages are Great for Storage – Purple Durple Organizers.
Organize According to You and Your Lifestyle: It’s not uncommon to emulate the pictures in magazines and books on how to organize. What does “Being Organized” mean to you? A lot of media attention recently has been devoted to getting better organized.
The concept of de-cluttering has been growing in popularity for more than a decade. One of the f(…)

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