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Purcell’s Towing & Recovery LLC. I made a mistake of going to fast around a curve and got stuck in a ditch. I left my car there because it was so late. My car got towed.
Joe answered the phone and was completely rude. I had no way of paying the fees.
The tow truck passed me as I was walking to a station to get gas.
Thanks for not stopping Purcell’s.
I clearly remember pushing my car AS FAR off the road as possible. You should be prosecuted for Grand theft auto. I am curious how much you gave the cop who called you to tow my vehicle. You are the definition of a predatory towing company. Will overcharge you and steal stuff out of your car all at the same time!
I had a friend that went to get her baby’s car seat and they said she had to pay her bill first!
The police department uses them and gets kickbacks from them. So just say you want anyone else except these crooks.
I’m not sure that you can love having your car towed for any reason and that’s what it says five stars mean. I can only say that Mary & Joe at Purcell’s have been incredibly responsive, very professional and a great source of relief when they’ve shown up to help me out. Unfortunately, I’ve had to call twice in the last year when I’ve had a flat tire. The first was due to a huge piece of metal imbedded in my tire out on I-43 on a 98 degree day. The second was after blowing a hole in my sidewall due to monster pothole on this 3 degree day(…)

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