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(262) 397-8503


28 E Jackson St,
Hartford, WI 53027

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We use only the finest ingredients.
Puebla’s Kitchen has developed its own delicious recipes after years of experience and hard work.
Breakfast, lunch and Dinner.
Puebla’s does one thing–food and they do it well. Prepared to order and always excellent. I’ve been to lots of Mexican restaurants in the Milwaukee area and this is easily one of the best around.
It’s not the typical Mexican restaurant format, fast (you have to wonder why food comes out at places in 5 minutes), loud, and Margaritas.
You won’t find that here, only awesome food and very a friendly staff. Also, there are choices for kids, mini-corn dogs, pancakes, mac & cheese, Quesidillas, etc. We love the chimichangas icon smile Staff is very friendly and you get your order pretty quick.
Also the prices are good!
I get the tacos every time. Great food, great price and great waitstaff. Great tasting authentic Mexican Restaurante!
Been here countless times, I love their nachos.
I am quite gluten intolerant and have had no issues from the nachos ever.
Love the enchilada dinner.
Tamales taste like ones I used to get in Houston.
28 E Jackson St Hartford, WI 53027.
(262) 397-8503

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Troy Zurbuchen
@ tzurbuchen
Hartford, WI
Dinner with Jake, Gina and Kiana. (@ Pueblas Kitchen in Hartford, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/ke6G1pKKKb8

Matt Vandermeuse
@ mvandermeuse
Hartford, WI
Im at Pueblas Kitchen in Hartford, WI https://www.swarmapp.com/c/47Kpj0HMHaM

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