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Northridge Plz

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Me time. or rather my toes time Смайлик «smile»

With Valerie Dumbleton getting some overdue ‘Mommy Spa’ time:)

With Lindsay Parker and Emily Elizabeth getting our toes beautified

Now getting my feet pretty. This vacation has star, ted out so nice.

It’s all about my beautiful daughter Lindsay Bortz today!! Celebrating her final days as a single woman!!! Love her so much!!!

Sharing a bottle of wine and having a wonderful pedicure with Debbie Buzzell

Hanging with camping friends getting pedicures done. Fabulous! !

Stayed open late for me. Nice!

My reward for a good workout.

Enjoying a pedicure on this hot ass day!!!

It’s soon to be girl time. Looking forward to spending a little time w Jaclyn ConsidineСмайлик «wink»

Ah pedi. Ready for the 4th

Got my nails done! Thanks mommy

Okay so I’m not one to complain about business much, especially in front of clients, but I am so UPSET! I took my daughter with me and we made an afternoon out of getting out nails done. We went to a place (Princess Nails in Portage) that I used to go to for TWO years religiously and I spent anywhere from 30 to 50 dollars each time! I stopped going after they changed hands, because service fell …apart! You make an appointment and you sit and wait anyways, so not a good place to go if your in a hurry at all. The people who worked there were replaced my new employees who weren’t friendly and didn’t do a great job with acrylic. So today I thought I’d give them another chance after not going for about a year. Never again will I go there and I do not recommend anyone I know to go there. The man who did my nails first tried to pry a false nail off with cuticle trimmers, in the process of already hurting my nail, he stabbed me under the nail with this tool. BUT don’t worry I was told that was my fault, because I didn’t go get my nails done enough, so he cut me. It hurt pretty bad and made me bleed, but that still didn’t stop him from trying to rip this false nail off with the tool! Finally I asked him to soak it to easily safely remove it and he did. He also tried to cut another nail too short and pinched my skin, after I told him to stop he moved on. He squeezed my fingers so hard that each finger cracked as soon as he grabbed it. He dug his nails into my finger. Plus my hands are covered in acrylic. After he finished, I asked one lady who was in charge, she did not understand me, she pointed me to a man who would. I told him and he said don’t let one bad experience stop you from coming back. I said no you don’t understand there’s been many in the past, but I thought I’d see if you guys improved and give you another chance. So he told me to talk to the man who appeared to be in charge, he said he was sorry and next time I need to just go to him! Sorry or not I’ll never go back. If you do something wrong take responsibility for your actions. The customer is always right. Getting your nails done is supposed to be a relaxing enjoyable experience, instead I sat on the edge of my seat, pulling my hand back while cringing. NOT WORTH MY 50 dollars at all! Еще

I will be coming in today to get my $100 back! Just got my nails done 3 days ago and not even two days after one of my gel nails came off and on top of the all of my nails are uneven I do not like them. If I don’t get my money back I’m going to be really upset.

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Sarah Zakula
@ zakulangel
Greenfield, WI
I have princess nails again

@ jemaemae820
Portage, WI
Love haning with these ladies (@ Princess Nails)

Samantha Mueller
@ hippos4L
Wisconsin Dells, WI
@verrebeilleau Princess Nails!!! Its like a six block walk, but theres no wait! And they do a great job!!

@ _KayLiz
Milwaukee, WI
Princess nails always have 4 million ppl in it.

The Kraken
@ SkySomerville
Princess Nail
Im getting my feet worked on at the spot my wife come to. (@ Princess Nails)

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