Princess Nail



(414) 931-7099


2222 W Wisconsin Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53233

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Finally doin something for myself. .been over 2 weeks. nails need Done Bad

Girl time with my princess Renee Curry

MUCH NEEDED. #‪#‎PAY‬ ATTENTIONT2ME## But it’s the 1st beauty will be delayed. . Buses ain’t runin but er ra it’s literally 16 people ahead of me!

Thx! friend for thinking of me

I’m going to enjoy this day off

Had to come alone oh well here I go

I’m out here getting me together

Best place in town to get your nails and feet done. Ask forSnow, and Lin

You already know been WITH snow since 2000. she the Business

I really liked this place its small but they do a great job.

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