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Discover Prevea Women’s Care, a place that not only provides expert gynecology and obstetric care but genuine care, the kind that inspires, empowers and encourages.


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Women of all ages depend on Prevea’s obstetricians, maternal fetal medicine physician, gynecologists and gynecologic oncologist to meet their health care needs. Prevea Health knows that a woman’s health care needs change over time, and we continually work to provide you with cutting-edge health care services paired with the highest quality customer service.      Gynecologic Services  • Health maintenance exams (wellness exam and yearly physical)  • Gynecologic ultrasound  • Sexually transmitted disease awareness and treatment  • Pelvic pain treatment  • Treatment of vaginal infections  • Treatment of abnormal vaginal and uterine bleeding  • Diagnosis and treatment of malignancies  • Cryosurgery  • Pelvic reconstructive surgery  • PMS counseling  • NovaSure® for excessive menstrual bleeding  • Treatment of menstrual disorders  • Diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence  • Abdominal surgery, vaginal surgery and gynecologic surgery including hysterectomy, D&C, Colposcopy  • Gynecologic oncology including gynecologic surgery and chemotherapy  • Limited treatment of psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo  • Skin problems, lesions and rashes  • Skin biopsy, skin cancer and minor office surgery  • Wart, mole, cyst and abscess removal  • Family planning  • Preconception counseling  • Infertility evaluation and treatment  • Contraception, including tubal ligation  • Essure® permanent sterilization  Breast Care  • Breast health education  • Digital mammography  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures  • Breast surgery   Obstetric Services  • Obstetrical ultrasound    • Normal pregnancy    • Diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy    • Management and treatment of abnormal and high-risk pregnancies    • Diabetes   • Thyroid disease   • Premature labor   • Hypertension   • Multiple births   • Advanced maternal age   • Rh disease   • Cardiovascular disease  • C-sections   • Midwifery   • Miscarriage counseling  Women’s Health Therapy and Counseling  • Menopause counseling   • Hormone replacement therapy   • Complementary/integrative treatments for menopause   • Fertility counseling   • Postpartum depression   • Grief and loss issues

Discover Prevea Women’s Care, where our philosophy of women’s health goes beyond the physical differences of a woman’s body to the total experience of care – from contraception to fertility, pregnancy, menopause and discussing the results of your annual mammogram. Our gynecologists, midwives and staff take the time to listen and understand your concerns. Prevea Women’s Care understands it’s all about you. Discover a place that nurtures your mind, body and spirit. A place that responds to your wants and needs – a woman’s needs. A place with a calming environment that reaches out to a woman’s sense of well-being. Our philosophy of women’s health goes beyond the physical differences of a woman’s body to the total experience of care, with an appreciation and understanding of it all – from routine wellness exams to life’s biggest moments. Our Women’s Care providers and staff take the time to listen and understand your concerns in any walk of life. * Prevea Allouez Health Center 1821 S. Webster Avenue Green Bay, WI 54301 (920) 436-1360 * Prevea Howard Health Center 2793 Lineville Road Green Bay, WI 54313 (920) 405-1430 * Prevea St. Mary’s Health Center 1715 Dousman Street Green Bay, WI 54303 (920) 405-1430 * Prevea Health Center 1411 N. Taylor Drive Sheboygan, WI 53081 (920) 458-4419 * Prevea Plymouth Health Center 825 Walton Drive Plymouth, WI 53073 (920) 892-4322 For more information, visit or call (920) 436-1360.


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