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(507) 452-4501


1120 Prairie Island Rd N,
Winona, MN 55987

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No Mosquitos tonight at PI Brandi Cogley Shannon Burt

Beautiful bike ride with this amazing lady!

Great Campground on the the Big Ol’ Mississippi River

If you like high maintenance people, going to bed by 10 every night, being quiet and rude people this is the campground for you!

Nice little camp. . sites are nice with elec/water. . right on the Mississippi River.

Found on Twitter

@ deacevedo
Winona, MN
Buddy & me in #
Winona at sunset along the mighty #
Mississippi. #
ilovemyrv @ Prairie Island Campground https://instagram.com/p/46ZPQhyCOf/

Keegan, el vegano
@ boucekk
Winona, MN
Mississippi River at dawn @ Prairie Island Campground https://instagram.com/p/433XpEqkGy/

@ peterjanelle
Winona, MN
Lean beef @ Prairie Island Campground http://instagram.com/p/vXY_MEiW5W/

Jayme Halbritter
@ FotoJayme
Winona, MN
Houseboatin. #
bbg2014 #
thedayafter @ Prairie Island Campground http://instagram.com/p/tiIrcIzIzw/

RV Park Reviews
@ rvparkreviewer
Winona, MN
Prairie Island Campground got [4/10] Because the CG is on the inside of the levee it is close t…http://bit.ly/1ka0l0v

Andrew Link
@ alinkphoto
Winona, MN
The river is rising. #
minnstagramers #
winonamn #
mississippiriver @ Prairie Island Campground http://instagram.com/p/ndumXjAw8o/

John Schultz
@ FatherJohnFiber
Winona, MN
Good life rules to live by! #
mwmf5 (@ Prairie Island Campground) http://4sq.com/1j06Lfb pic.twitter.com/ya9QlG4QEV

Art Huenecke
@ awhuenecke
Winona, MN
Guess a mn fire!! A fine finish for the day. @ Prairie Island Campground http://instagram.com/p/ei02LVoSYR/

@ sunshinee69
Winona, MN
Yesterday! On that boat life @ Prairie Island Campground http://instagram.com/p/dXbaFfm_et/

Ben Chacko
@ benchacko
Winona, MN
Keeping warm. @ Prairie Island Campground http://instagram.com/p/dGN2B2P-QK/

Ben Chacko
@ benchacko
Winona, MN
Weve got a nice view. Relaxing before #
ssusa @ Prairie Island Campground http://instagram.com/p/dFsUm3P-XN/

Kinley Loran
@ lorankinley
Goodview, MN
Im at Prairie Island Campground (winona) http://4sq.com/pv9Vkz

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