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We service most of Waukesha, Milwaukee and Racine counties (Wisconsin), but are looking to expand all the time. Call to see if we’re in your area!

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We treat our furry friends to deluxe bath packages which include shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, brushing, ear cleaning and nail clipping. Plus, we also offer full haircare or shaves to the customer’s specifications. Cats are treated to anything from the deluxe bath packages to a full shave or a lion cut. PRICE RANGE $50-$90 Depending on the Breed and Requirements

Our mobile pet grooming service brings the grooming salon to our customers via a fully-equipped van outfitted with a generator, water tanks, water heater, furnace, air conditioner, tub, hydraulic grooming table, clippers, dryers and all the supplies need to get pets looking their best. It’s not only convenient for owner, but it’s much less stressful for their pets because there is no commute, no waiting time, no kennels, no other dogs and no interruptions. Our customers have the undivided attention of the groomer from start to finish…all in the comfort.

* Available Monday Through Saturday By Appointment Only

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