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Rejuva Skin Care & Wellness – Skin Care and Laser Center
I had the best experience at Rejuva! The staff and facility are top notch!!! The products used on my skin are amazing!!

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The Aesthetic Center of Gainesville and Braselton is a division of Northeast Georgia Plastic Surgery Associates that focuses on cosmetic surgery procedures. Gainesville, GA
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  1. default gravatar

    Missy E.

    Delafield, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I had a great experience with Dr. Korkos. From the first consultation through my surgery I felt he and his staff did an excellent job. I know several other people who have had surgery with him and have had great experiences as well. I would recommend him to anyone.
    I enjoyed his personality and felt he wanted to get to know me. His nurses and staff took their time and were very knowledgeable. I would definitely see him again!

  2. teddy s reviewer

    Teddy S.

    Mukwonago, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    Dr. Thomas Korkos performed my breast reduction in January. В Obviously I’m still healing but so far, I couldn’t be more pleased!

    I started having neck pain with a rash under my breasts. В My first visit with him was very informative and pleasant. В I didn’t wait long at all and the facility is lovely. В I hadn’t had physical therapy yet and was informed that insurance would need this (it’s rare that they don’t have you go through physical therapy first) so our conversation was largely generalized (I thought this at the time but now I know different), but extremely informative. В I don’t think either of us expected insurance to approve it without the therapy but that’s exactly what they did!

    I set up another appointment to discuss my surgical plan and address a list of questions I drew up. В Dr. Korkos and his nurse took time and answered all my questions (however silly). В I felt so reassured after this visit I was able to allow myself to look forward to a life without neck pain or a painful rash!

    I had the surgery at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and it was great great GREAT! В His team was so professional but it also wasn’t lost on them how nervous I was. В They were very attentive to my comfort and I can’t say enough about how great that experience was!

    Obviously I’m still healing, but the neck pain I had was gone immediately! В Anyone who has constant discomfort knows what a gift that is! В It took me a few days to get used to the smaller size. В Understand, I’ve been large-breasted my whole life so the change was a little strange…at first. В Now I love them! В Not only are they proportionate, but darnit they’re cute! В I haven’t had cute breasts in a looong time! В So yes, there’s a bit of a self esteem booster in there too. В That being said…having stitches in your nipples is no picnic, but I’m on cloud nine about how I’m feeling and how they look. В Even though I slightly resemble Frankenstein’s monster at the moment (stitches urgh!!) I’m over the moon. В My husband approves as well (wink).

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    Tom K.

    Waukesha, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    These poor reviews were brought to my attention.

    I appreciate all input whether positive or negative. There is always something В to learn to make patients’ experience better when at Plastic Surgery Associates.
    It is here where we strive for excellence. When a patient is evaluated, an intense discussion and education pursues pertaining to realistic outcomes from surgery.
    Despite our attention to detail, surgical outcomes may not always be satisfactory.
    If this occurs, we work hard with the patient to address those concerns.
    Our goal is to achieve optimal results and patient satisfaction in all cases. Because of this and in spite of how infrequently it occurs, I’m disheartened when I have an unhappy patient.

    Thank you,
    Tom Korkos m.d.

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