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Pride for Donors. Passion for Patients.


(414) 344-2100


2522 W State St,
Milwaukee, WI 53233

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Save a life. Donate your plasma! Find out how becoming a plasma donor can make a difference for patients and help you earn extra money. PlasmaCare is a Grifols company that specializes in the collection of protein-rich plasma from donors to help create life-saving therapies for patients with diseases, such as immune deficiencies, hemophilia, genetic emphysema, hepatitis, tetanus and rabies. We encourage donors to donate on a routine basis, and we compensate them for their time.

Open Hours

Mon. 8:00 Am – 6:00 Pm
Tue – Fri. 7:00 Am – 6:00 Pm
Sat. 7:00 Am – 5:00 Pm
Sun. 8:00 Am – 4:00 Pm

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I was waiting around for 2 hours before I went home. Called to see if i was in the donation mile radius.
They put me on hold for 20 mins.
Didn’t even have to go in to know that this place wasn’t gonna be any good.
I went to this center during their construction period and I have to say, the staff handled having a construction team going in and out and cranky donaters very well. One person kept complaining about the construction like it was the staff’s fault. They handled it well. They also had an issue with one woman who actually busted one of their new windows with a hammer.
They made sure the other people in the room were safe and away from all broken glass.
They quickly returned to work and kept everyone calm and quiet as to not make any more problems.
Since it was my first donation I was worried it was going to take me forever.
I was there for 4 hours but with all the problems they were having with other people I could understand.
It was waiting for the preexam thing that took the longest. The staff was nice and attentive. I had no problems.
TERRIBLE PROCESS AND TERRIBLE STAFF. DOOOO NOTTTT GO HERE. First day I was in and out in 2 1/2 hours.
Totally unprofessional ghetto i didnt know if i was gonna donate or get shot.Literally!
2522 W State St Milwaukee, WI 53233.
(414) 344-2100

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Danielle Friberg
@ DanielleFriberg
Milwaukee, WI
I hate the wait (@ Grifols Plasmacare)

Natalie Herald
@ nattt_34
Plasma swagggg (@ Plasmacare)

Sam Kislia
Im at Plasmacare (2522 W State, Milwaukee)

Sam Kislia
Wish me luck… Again…. Womp womp. (@ Plasmacare)

Molly Binetti
@ CoachBinetti
Milwaukee, WI
Spotted at plasmacare: man wearing an authentic Kareem bucks jersey, complete w/ leather mickey mouse jacket #

@ alaina_
I just ousted @
jesusali as the mayor of Plasmacare on @

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