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Pizza Hut. 31 likes | 77 were here. Experience the Flavor Of Now from your neighborhood Pizza Hut in Milwaukee.
Ordered a pizza tonight because my daughter has been sick all week and I couldn’t go to the grocery store. I ordered onl. ine and the email I got said it would be an hour and a half (it’s Friday but come on!!). After an hour and 45 minutes I tried calling the store and they didn’t answer for 20 min so I hung up. I was on the phone with the General Manager at the Mequon store who was so amazing. Had I lived closer he would have gotten me a pizza right away. I’m awaiting a call from the area supervisor. I recommend Mequon based on their customer service. I won’t order from the Brown Deer Road store ever again.

I placed my order online around 12:30pm, the website stated delivery would be a little over an hour which wasn’t ideal b. ut I was willing to wait that amount of time. My order did not arrive until over 2 hours later around 2:35pm. I called around 2:15pm to check my order status and after waiting on extended hold was told my order hadnt even left the store yet. The person on the phone then asked “Do you still want it?”. I of course said yes since it had already been almost 2 hours and I hadnt eaten lunch yet. I asked about a discount and he said “Well you have already paid but we can give you a credit for next time”. I said what type of credit, he then said let me ask the manager. I was put on hold again and a few minutes later another male come on the phone. He asked for my phone number and name and then said “OK I will put in a discount for next time”. I still do not know what “discount” I will be getting but I guess it reallydoesnt matter since I cant imagine ordering from this store again. I wish I could say this was the first time I have had a problem with this store, but it isnt. That is alright, since they dont want to make sure I dont have an issue with their service again I will make sure I do not have an issue with their service again by not ordering from there and sharing my stories with others so they do not order from there either.

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The delivery takes way too long.
It take about 1 hour and 45 mins to a little over 2 hours.
That is ridiculous not sure if they are short staffed or what. My order gets screwed up and my food is not even warm I have to reheat it. Well I guess shame on me for not cooking dinner.
Continued failure since they always mess up the pizza I ordered wings.
Delivery time was well over an hour.
I only got half of them when they delivered.
Had to wait on hold for 6 minutes before they ever answered.
Then they apologized said the driver just got back and they would send him right away to correct this.
I called back half an hour later because the delivery guy still hasn’t returned, they said he just left. COLD and breadsticks were over done. I WILL be stopping payment on my CC. NEVER GO TO THIS PIZZA HUT. Always a long delivery wait ordered pizza at 7:54 got it at 9:34 they send the wrong pizza and waited till 11:45 to get a call i was already sleep. I will never order from here again!
I ordered boneless wings and they weren’t even cooked all the way. I was so disgusted!
Delivery service was great but the food was awful!
Those wings are the bomb, and those waffle fries are great too. It took them 2 and a half hours to get me my pizza the other day. After it was 20 minutes late I called and they said my pizza was on its way out for delivery. I called them again and they said it JUST CAME OUT OF THE(…)

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