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(651) 998-1555


2110 Eagle Creek Ln # Ste 500,
Saint Paul, MN 55129

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Open Hours

Mon – Wed. 7:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Thu. 7:00 Am – 4:30 Pm
Fri. 8:00 Am – 8:00 Pm
Sat. 7:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Sun. 7:00 Am – 8:30 Pm

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Pino’s Pizza Woodbury, Woodbury, MN. 176 likes | 8 talking about this | 81 were here. At Pino’s Pizza we have the finest New York hand tossed style. .

Woodbury Royals are up against Park High school and the Wolfpack tonight. Good luck Woodbury! Celebrate their victory with a Pinos pizza. 651-998-1555

Hump day! Congratulations for making it half-way through the week. Treat yourself with a pizza, and remember that Friday is only two more days away. 651-998-1555

Strap yourself in your favorite recliner, it’s Monday Night Footbal! Get some pizza delivered or to take-out. Tonight: 2 Pizza Deal-16′ one-topping and a 12′ one-topping for only $18.95, or go online and get our $2.00 off a 16′ one-topping or more coupon.

Phone is back online! Don’t hesitate to call us tonight if you’re in the mood for some great pizza! 651-998-1555.

Phone line temporarily disabled. Still open for business. For great pizza call 651-998-1556. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pino’s Pizza Woodbury is looking for a delivery driver or cashier. Up to 5 days a week. Must be 18+. Apply in person

Getting our always fresh ingredients prepped for tonight’s dinner. Call us if you don’t feel like cooking. 651-998-1555

Small business Saturday is upon us. Call up your favorite local pizza shop (us), and order some pies.651-998-1555

Congratulations to @East Ridge High School and @Woodbury High School Class of 2012! Let us know if we can help with the grad party food! 651-998-1555

The Rustica – salami, capiccolla ham, riccota cheese, and sun dried tomatoes

Thanks for the support. Spread the word. We had a great night

Check out our menu and coupons at !!

Wonderful pizza, as close to NY pizza we’ve found in MN. Great food and service, they also sell by the slice.

Pino’s is that pizza shop that I stop in at for a slice on the go. This is that east coast foldable slice of heaven. The prices are just right for a quick grab for lunch.

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(651) 998-1555

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Jerome Meyer
@ mmanpoker
Walworth, WI
Unimpressed-Last night – Drinking an IPA by @
lagunitasbruhws @ Pinos Pizza —

Shane Johnson
@ Shanej6
Rockford, IL
I should of brought that leftover Pinos pizza with me to work for breakfast!

@ yesborg
Walworth, WI
Drinking a Spotted Cow by @
newglarusbeer @ Pinos Pizza —

@ brotherkenzie
St Paul, MN
pie #
pinos #
nostalgia beanscampus theturntan espocampus @ Pinos Pizza – St Paul

@ Its_Tete_Babbyy
Rockford, IL
Pinos Pizza Is Banging. .

@ CisSuperCool
St Paul, MN
Picking up the best pizza!!! (@ Pinos Pizza)

@ Snelson127
Woodbury, MN
Is it bad that I have Pinos Pizza in my favorite contacts on my phone?

B Liberace
@ B_Liberace815_
Rockford, IL
Calzone #
PinosPizza #
lunchbreak @ Pinos Pizza

B Liberace
@ B_Liberace815_
Rockford, IL
Had a small feast at Pinos #
pizza today #
lunchbreak @ Pinos Pizza

@ BeckyluvsPink
Pine City, MN
TheDannyPino: “@1HumpFan: u shud try Pinos Pizza in White Bear Lake, MNIts really good”//Tell my kinfolk Im OMW

@ betsysoderlund
St Paul, MN
This Doll is having a great day now. Thanks boys! (@ Pinos Pizza)

Twin City Deals
@ SBTwinCityDeals
White Bear Lake, MN
$6.00 for $15.00 Gift Certificate from Pinos Pizza and Pasta

@ betsysoderlund
St. Paul, MN
I love these guys. And they have great pizza. (@ Pinos Pizza)

@ SabrinaWottreng
Walworth, WI
Family bonding (@ Pinos Pizza)

Alex Haapanen
@ Curly_Bigkat
St. Paul, MN
Pinos pizza is definitely a real solid skyway option in St. Paul. Real quality Za.

Alycia Engel
@ Alycia_Engel
Walworth, WI
Lunch with ev (@ Pinos Pizza)

Jes Checo
@ jesexica
Walworth, WI
Playing pool and drinking kiddie cocktails! Woot! (@ Pinos Pizza)

Bridget French
@ Btfrench
Pinos Pizza
Its not #
Friday without pizza! (@ Pinos Pizza)

Matt Khoury
@ mkhoury
Pinos Pizza
Im at Pinos Pizza – Woodbury (Woodbury, MN)

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