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409 S Few St,
Madison, WI 53703

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Mon. 6:30 Am – 8:30 Pm
Tue. 9:00 Am – 9:00 Pm
Wed. 8:00 Am – 8:30 Pm
Thu. 9:00 Am – 8:30 Pm
Fri. 8:30 Am – 7:00 Pm
Sat. 9:00 Am – 4:00 Pm
Sun. 9:00 Am – 8:30 Pm

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A Perfect Knot Yoga Center, Madison, WI. 764 likes | 2 talking about this | 263 were here. We currently offer the following classes: Bikram Hatha Yoga,. .

Hi Gang, This is the replacement site for PK and for Carla’s classes and bodywork. I’ll be home to Madison, teaching my new Thurs eve classes: Hatha 5:30-6:45 and Yin 7-8:15pm. I look forward to seeing y’all!

Messages from teachers about PKnot and where they will be teaching in the future: While Barbu finds his next teaching space he will be offering small private classes in his home. Contact him at barbu.panaitescu@gmail.com, for classes on Weds. nights and Saturdays at noon. Alex Pfeiffer, July 28 I will be teaching my final classes at A Perfect Knot Yoga Center today. This place has been a wonderful anchor in the yoga community of Madison for years. All gratitude to Carla R. aushenbush for years of being the center of it. “I absolutely love the Perfect Knot and the space it has held in our community these many years. My many hours of teaching and practice in this space have helped me grow in so many ways. Carla and the Perfect Knot will remain a space in my heart forever more.” Raka Raka’s Odissi – classical dances from India classes can be found at Euphoria Movement Arts. by private appointment www.karmicflower.com


Hello dear ones! My sweetheart and I just decided we should really hit the road for our long drive this morning. I apologize for the late notice to any of you that were going to come to practice this morn!!!! Please come Monday 5:45 or 7:30 pm. so much love, Carla

Some of you have seen other vids of very young persons being upset about the eating of animals. This is another. Consider vegetarianism as part of your yoga practice. Love Carla

Wowowowow! breathcontrol and then some! love, Carla

You know how Fb asks “what’s on your mind?”? On my mind is wondering if all of you who usually practice yoga here at A Perfect Knot think that we are already closed. Teachers are still teaching their classes–and often it is to 1-4 people. So, on my mind is, where are you and are we who teach at PK already off your radar after some of you have practiced here for years? Your studio is still open and anticipates being open until at least mid-August. Myself, Lisa, Alex, Jim, . Barbu and Raka would really love to practice with you right here on Few St for awhile longer. Show your love, dear people and we will shower you with ours! Truly, Carla soon to be unemployed creatrix and teacher at APK

O Dang! I posted earlier today for the cancellation of Yin via my phone. Now I see it did NOT post. I am so sorry!!!!! For your inconvenience and disappointment, I deeply apologize. Please let me know if you showed up today. love, Carla

Hello Everyone! To each of you, friends of mine, new to PK, long moved away, those who call PK home or have moved on, I am writing to tell you that the time has come (really, this time) for our little and beloved studio to let this summer be our last. Expect it to be graceful, peaceful, very rich in practice and the right action at the right time. PLEASE take full advantage of the teachers and their offerings over the next 10-11 weeks–we are still here, not closed yet!! Be. cause we miss you when we don’t see you, the PK teachers will also be soaking up the wonder of practicing with each of you in our shared space. In time, each teacher will inform you of where you can find them if you want to practice with her or him again. This will come down the line a bit as, right now, we are hoping to see as many of you as possible here in this studio where we may have first met you or first practiced yoga with you. All the teachers will let you know before we close, ok? In short, A Perfect Knot cannot sustain itself financially any longer. Some of you had the pleasure of attending fundraisers during the wintry months and some of you just donated because of your appreciation of a teacher and our studio as a whole. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It gave PK another 7-8 months of existence. I cannot give you an exact date of the last day open, but will inform you of that as soon as I know. A new tenant must be found (please tell your entrepreneurial friends about this lovely spot which is available for any kind of business. It is managed by Oakland Property, 257 1000) before I can tell you that. It will unfold, indeed! As to those of you with passes or who usually buy another pass when one is complete, please use up your current pass by exp. date. After that, everyone will pay drop-in rate ($15) until we close. No passes will be available from now til closing. I apologize for that rate change, but hope you understand and continue to enjoy PK for the summer. If we have to close before your pass exp date, please bring it to my attention and I will reimburse you for unused classes or, if you are so inclined, you can donate it to help cover those last, lovely, extensive bills. I am so grateful for the continuation of A Perfect Knot for awhile longer and hope I get to see you in our final, radiant days! Again, I will keep you posted as I know new info that you can use. So much love, Carla director/Bikrams teacher A Perfect Knot Yoga 409 S. Few St. Madison WI 53703

One of my best gals, Jules, is hosting this event. FYI Carla

I absolutely love the Perfect Knot energy, space, and community of teachers. Can’t imagine the east side without it. ♥

Just realized that I have been doing yoga here on and off for 10 years! Through all stages of my life, I always come back. Try it!.

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Madison’s Best Yoga Studio as Chosen by Isthmus Readers with Madison’s most experienced yoga teachers (16, 10, 9, 9, 7 years). Over 30 classes per week.
Perfect Knot Yoga Center.
I’ve lived in Madison for a few years, but I only recently discovered Perfect Knot. Attending classes at Perfect Knot has revived my love of Bikram (hot) yoga and my desire to push myself has a yogi. I had been practicing at home and taking occasional classes around town. I’ve really come to feel at home at Perfect Knot. Whether I’m feeling fit or not, injured, or tired, I leave the studio feeling better in body and mind.
The teachers are helpful, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable. I feel they offer new challenges and perspectives each class.
The atmosphere is very non-competitive. I highly recommend this place. I had done yoga for years before coming to a Perfect Knot, but there’s nothing quite like Bikram (hot yoga) and there’s really nothing quite like Bikram with Carla. Even though I was a beginner to this practice (and this temperature!
), I immediately felt welcomed by her warm demeanor matched only by the delightful warmness of the room. Bikram is great year-round, but going to this cozy, comforting studio on a cool fall or winter afternoon or eve is extra special. Not only will you be a happy yogi, you’re almost sure to take your practice to another level. And, not because you’re instructed to do so, quite the contr(…)

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A Perfect Knot Yoga Center, Perfect Knot Yoga Ctr

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