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Scott Jones lot of carp @ Pauls. Paul Harris biting on the sugar. Can you find the snake in the picture of grass?

Mercury’s new BFF at the Tree Farm yesterday. This little boy stayed with Mercury and kept him company for at least an hour! They were too cute together. I think Mercury wanted to take him home with us.

It was a warm, beautiful day yesterday at the Tree Farm. Mercury was all set for his job of meeting and greeting at Pauls! He’s all deck out, taking his job very seriously. It was a great way to spend his Birthday.

Brandon wanted to cut our own tree down again. It took us about an hour to all agree on a tree, but we finally got one.

Brandon wanted to cut our own tree down again. It took us about an hour to all agree on a tree, but we finally got one.
Paul’s Rolling Pins. 38 likes. Handmade, hardwood rolling pins, made by Paul Schilling, from different hardwoods, turned on a lathe, finished with a. .

I have just updated the Swamp Monster page on my website: Go to my website, click on Swamp Monster, scroll to near the bottom of the page for two new articles and an actual picture of the Swamp Monster!

After 6 days of hunting and not seeing anything, finally I got one!! He weighed 18 pounds and had an 8 inch beard. This is the first turkey I have ever shot. It will be good eating!

I don’t know much about the Duck Dynasty TV show as we don’t have cable, just an antenna on the roof, but when a TV star, stands up & says what he believes about what the Bible says is true about sin, more power to him. If someone is offended by what he said because they are living that type of sinful lifestyle, they had better take notice, repent & ask God to forgive them of their sins, as they will have to answer to Him face to face someday & it may be sooner than they think. We need more prominent people to speak out against our sinful lifestyles. This country would be a much better place!

L. to R.: Cherry, Hackberry & Red Oak

Over 100 rolling pins in stock. Cherry rolling pins at $19.95, Swamp White Oak & Red Oak at $14.95 and Black Walnut at $22.95. We are open by appointment only, call to set up an appointment. We can ship within the continental United States. Shipping, handling & insurance $11.95 per rolling pin. We also have fancy, highly figured rolling pins with unique wood grain & knots at $29.95. These are mostly made from Cherry. If you visit our shop to purchase a rolling pin, payment is in cash only. If we ship a rolling pin, you must send us a money order and when we receive it we will ship out the rolling pin by USPS.

I got my mom one of Paul’s beautiful cherry rolling pins (with a stand) for Christmas 2012. She loves it! The pins are h. and-crafted and are extremely high quality. They are functional to use, and so gorgeously and artistically made that they make outstanding decorations, too!.

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