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Mon. 12:00 Pm – 8:00 Pm
Tue. 12:00 Pm – 8:00 Pm
Wed. 12:00 Pm – 8:00 Pm
Thu. 12:00 Pm – 8:00 Pm
Fri. 12:00 Pm – 8:00 Pm
Sat. 12:00 Pm – 8:00 Pm
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We”ve got openings for walk-in tattoos and piercings today until 7pm. Stop in and get some work done!
Shops open and some of our artist have time for walk ins. Stop on in and get something TATTOOED!
All the artist are in shop and are taking walk ins !! Stop by and let Todd , Kelly and Aaron tattoo you!!
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  1. rachel r reviewer

    Rachel R.

    Madison, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I just had a large scarab tattoo done by Todd Gnacinski at Blue Ribbon Tattoo. The staff here are very friendly and professional, they are great at helping you get through the entire tattooing process. Todd’s artistry and use of color are second to none. Though my tattoo was a custom piece, I was amazed by some of the cover-ups he has done for people and am already planning on getting his help with my ‘fixer- upper’ tattoo.

  2. default gravatar

    Meghan M.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I had a terrible tattoo that I got in college. It was huge. В Craig was patient and took the time to work with me in covering it up. It is now the most beautiful piece I have ever seen. I cannot wait to have more done in the future. I highly recommend this shop!!!

  3. default gravatar

    Amanda L.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    So I’m going to write this like I were telling my friend this:

    Place sucked balls. NOT!

    I like this place a lot. I got my first tattoo here by a guy named Josh. He also did my piercing (labret).

    I needed a touch up on my tattoo (BECAUSE I PICKED AT THE SCAB, fucking sue me). Anyway, the guy touched up the whole tattoo (and this was months after I have gotten it), so needless to say, if they fuck up (or in my case, if I decide to be a dumb ass and screw it up myself), they’re happy to fix it. And even with my crappy little heart that needed to be fixed, the tattoo looked like business anyways!! (that’s good). But after he re-colored it looked even sweeter.

    As for the labret. It was clean and simple and the guy did a real good job. And even was happy to put a new ball on it after I lost the first one (oops).

    I definitely recommend this place to any and every body looking to get a tattoo or a piercing or two… or three (whatever your style is). So go there, listen to the ballin’ tunes they play… kick back, relax and all that sweetness. GREAT PLACE!!!!!!!

    And I used my Visa every time I went in there — there was no trouble at all.

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