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Established in 1941, P.A. Peterson Center for Health is part of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. The center offers a wide variety of medial, rehabilitation, and retirement living and care services, and is located in Rockford, Ill. Its residential services include 24-hour emergency call systems, meals and nutritional snacks, housekeeping and transportation. P.A. Peterson Center for Health provides various amenities, such as community outings, Bible study and musical groups, walking grounds and a chapel. It also offers various therapies, such as physical, occupational, speech and intravenous. The center also provides 24-hour nursing care, offering recreational, musical and spiritual programs. Its consultation services include dental, podiatry and pharmacy. P.A. Peterson Center for Health also offers various respite and hospice care services, and has a fitness center, providing yoga classes and exercises.

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The Villa at P.A. Peterson, Rockford, Illinois. 119 likes | 19 talking about this | 122 were here. Exceptional Care. Unexpected Luxury. Passionate Service.

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The dont ever give their employee s a raise. . . my best friend works there and they have never given any of their employee s a single RAISE for over 20 years!!!!!!!!.

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P A Peterson Ctr For Health, Peterson P A Home, Pa Peterson Outpatient Rehab, PA Peterson Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

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