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7507 W Oklahoma Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53219

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Syttende Mai events Scandinavian Festival Barnelpet Scandinavian Husfliden Heritage Camp for youth Lykkeringen folk dancing group Public torsk and meatball suppers, nine times a year Family picnic Sponsor scholarships to families & members.

“Norwegian Heritage and Culture”

Open Hours

Wed. 1:30 Pm – 4:30 Pm

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Norway House
@ NorwayHouseMN
Norway House staffers Rachel and Chelsea made the trek to Decorah, Iowa for Nordic Fest! Thanks to our good…

Norway House
@ NorwayHouseMN
Looking forward to the Lorna Landvik, Author event at Norway House tonight! Two spots still available……

Elizabeth Lori
@ epcreative
Minneapolis, MN
Its @
norwayhousemn day in the CIty of Minneapolis! #
Minneapolis #
norwegian @ Norway House

Elizabeth Lori
@ epcreative
Minneapolis, MN
katiebird2006 meets @
mayavik | inspired! @ Norway House

@ chelseagreiling
Minneapolis, MN
HERITAGE!! (@ Norway House in Minneapolis, MN)

Kuma Bear
@ jbearmn
Minneapolis, MN
We are going to have Norway House!!! @ Norway House

Carrie Bacovsky
@ Carrie00010
Milwaukee, WI
Getting in touch with my Czech roots. @ Norway House

Heather Skinner
@ hmskinn
Minneapolis, MN
Working the Norway House Book Fair: it smells like coffee, cookies, and a church basement. #

Troy Davidson
@ Mpls_Globalist
Minneapolis, MN
Norway House Minnesota Peace Initiative. Arab Spring: Whats Happening Now? @
minnesotangos @

Kåre R. Aas
@ kareraas
Congrats #
Norways new HCG to MN SoNs CEO @
EivindHeiberg Midwest is key in US-Nor relations, Eivind will serve well!

Norway House
@ NorwayHouseMN
Who is headed to Nordic Fest this weekend? Stop by and say hello to Chelsea and Rachel at the Norway House…

Sven Sundgaard
@ svensundgaard
Proud of bro @
sver10 (IG) 4 compl. over 400 mi trek: pilgrimage fr/ Oslo-Trondheim. Our full-Norsk grandpas R proud!

Norway House
@ NorwayHouseMN

Google Facts
@ GoogleFacts
Lego is the worlds largest tire manufacturer, churning out millions of tiny wheels every year.

Google Facts
@ GoogleFacts
The Vikings engaged in rap battles, trading poetic insults until a winner was chosen by the crowd.

MPR News
@ MPRnews
Keillor sees new future for himself and A Prairie Home

U.S. Embassy Oslo
@ usembassyoslo
U.S. Embassy Oslo Daily News is out!… Stories via @
USArctic @

Food Network
@ FoodNetwork
Think you know everything about salmon? Read on, you might learn a thing or two:

@ TheMNTraveler
Our @
ExploreWB @
TCGateway @
NorwayHouseMN episode is now up online! Check it out!

Norway House
@ NorwayHouseMN
TODAY is the last day to sign up to attend An Evening With Lorna Landvik! Contact us if interested!

Norway House
@ NorwayHouseMN
A few spots still available to meet Lorna Landvik!

Norway House
@ NorwayHouseMN
We had a group of tourists from Hell at Norway House today. Quite literally. They came all the way from Hell,…

@ SonsofNorway
The Sons of Norway Daily is now available!… Stories via @
NAWeekly @

Norway House
@ NorwayHouseMN
Enjoyed cooking up some ideas for August with @

@ NAWeekly
It’s official, @
NorwayHouseMN is open!…

@ NAWeekly
Want to celebrate Iowas thriving Norwegian heritage? Visit the 49th annual #
NordicFest in #
Decorah, held July 23-25!

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