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(920) 469-3087

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2450 E Mason St,
Green Bay, WI 54302

East Town Mall

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Mon – Sun. 10:30 Am – 10:00 Pm

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Go here. Their customer service is what every place should strive for. I tried something new on the menu, didn’t dig it,. and when took it back up and offered to pay extra to have my usual they immediately offered another dish for free with no questions asked.

Great food, great place to work. Our GM is awesome (you said you were paying me how much to say that Nick? lol) Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the store opening. here’s to many more to come!.

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Each dish is carefully hand made using only the freshest ingredients.
Noodles & Company offers the world’s favorite noodle dishes, sandwiches, salads and soups, all in one restaurant. I’ve ordered online, over the phone, and in the restaurant. I am always waited on by different people. But no matter who I talk to, they are always SO NICE. The west side location has the same delicious food, but the east side has stellar customer service on top of it. I love Noodles & Co. I placed a to-go order online and they missed putting an item in my bag.
Not only did Nick go out of his way to make things right with us, he personally delivered the missing item. You don’t get service like that anywhere anymore!
We will be back!
The food here is amazing, and the service is great. The prices are good for serving sizes, and the food quality is really good.
I would recommend this establishment to anyone looking for a good meal on a smaller budget. Noodle dishes, sandwiches, Soups and salads and different breads.
They do have a wine and beer liscence, which requires a manager to sell. Expect a wait if you wish to drink alcohol. Their soda machine is lovely, has a lot of different flavor combinations.
I recommend Cherry sprite, to go with flatbread and a tuscan linguini and shrimp. One of my favorite dishes.
Keep up the good work at Noodles and Co.
2450 E Mason St Green Bay, WI 54302.
(920) 469-3095

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Kalandria Brown
@ razzledazzlekal
Using Noodles & Company wi-fi while Im in line for Chipotle next door. #

@ Kiyanax3
Milwaukee, WI
Someone bring me noodles & company

Ellie Christie
@ elliejellybean
First time having Noodles & Company since last September and I could not be any more excited!!!!

@ PolarSite
I just checked in at Noodles & Company with #
mPLACES Download today!

Andrea Salmins
@ ASalmins89
Picking up dinner for my team (@ Noodles & Company in Hales Corners, WI)…

Arisandro silva
@ Arisandro3
Maplewood, MN
Im at Noodles & Company in Maplewood, MN

@ picka_98
S/O to Mel for buying me Noodles & Company

@ TOPH2005
Sheboygan, WI
Here with my buddy @
axel0088 (@ Noodles & Company in Sheboygan, WI)

Nicole Nikki Smith
@ Drmatc1
Milwaukee, WI
AWWWW-SUUUMMMM FREE customer food & beverage patio event!!!! @ Noodles & Company…

Sheryl Brown
@ BionicSocialite
Wisconsin, USA
Dinner. It was meh. (@ Noodles & Company in Madison, WI)

shelly christner
@ shelly4jericho
thanks rory for the rasberry coke (@ Noodles & Company in Saint Paul, MN)

Darren Jones
@ bizdrive_danrre
Noodles Company leftovers at 1:40 in the morning. No shame….

Austin Norkosky
@ ANorkosky243
Manitowoc is getting a noodles & company!

Kelly Crandall
@ kbeanz
Thai Hot Pot (@ Noodles & Company in Milwaukee, WI)

@ fussytony
Minneapolis, MN
Apparently every Noodles is busy tonight! (@ Noodles & Company in Minneapolis, MN)

@ BRVNoodles
Stop on by and donate 1$ to No Kids Hungry. Our goal is to raise $10,000 company wide for September.7 minutes ago · Indianapolis

@ BRVNoodles
Follow us on twitter! Noodles&Company-BRV!

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany

Chip Tamplin
@ chizrocker88
Parole, MD
gotta keep @
noodlescompany safe on the way home

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
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Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
Brought to you by good ingredients, simply sautéed.

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
Noodles & Company retweeted Suzanne Tut

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
Trivia time! We think we have pretty rad music played overhead in our restaurants. Name the band that has the most songs on our playlist!

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
Sauté. Say it with us…Sauté. French never sounded better.

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
Going. Going. Nom nom nom.

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
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Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
That Noodle feeling. #

Tiffany Yousif
@ Tiffanyyousif_

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
It may seem like a Thursday, but really it’s National Fresh Spinach Day. (You still have to go to work, however.)

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
If you ask us.

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
RT if youre still feeling that #
NationalMacandCheeseDay hangover. The only cure is more Mac and Cheese.

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
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Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
Heat. Its got tea in it. (Fresh-brewed and organic are implied.)

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
Todays the day! Click on this link for your FREE Mac & Cheese! #

@ deemaxx5
My lovely reminder that today is #
NationalMacandCheeseDay and to go to @
noodlescompany to celebrate

Noodles & Company
@ noodlescompany
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