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All The Leads. 289 likes | 7 talking about this | 1 was here. All The Leads is the Nation’s premier provider of probate/inheritance leads for REALTORS. .

Want more listings in the 2nd half of 2015?? What if you could attract great listings by helping others? What if you were the ONLY agent in your market doing it? You can star, t today. Go to to see if your county is still available!

Tired of wasting money on: House Value Leads? FSBO Leads? Expired Leads? STOP BEGGING FOR BUSINESS. ATTRACT IT WITH VALUE! Why not try leads that help you provide more value than ever with virtually NO competition? . Visit today to see how many unique leads we have in your market each month.

Great executrix testimonial from a conversation that star, ted with “I don’t want to list this house and I don’t need an agent” (previously expired) and ended with her pulling the listing agreement out and asking me for a pen and how to fill it out wink emoticon Objections are GOOD. that means you’re getting somewhere. Be prepared, be confident, provide value and move through objections. It will obviously help folks like this who have been stuck in the “probate quicksand” . and just couldn’t make the first move to close a chapter in her life without help. “Chad, I wanted to tell you all that I’ve been very happy with your diligence and speed in selling my house. You did exactly what you said you would do, and the house sold very quickly. You also got the best price for me and my daughters. In fact, it’s amazing how everything went so smoothly. I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to sell their property.” Thank you, D. Armistead ‪#‎ProvideValueFirst‬

On the MasterMind call today we talked about the website I’m using for the P.S. line in my probate letters. Go to to see what I’m using.

Our top 250 markets are QUICKLY selling out. Go to to check your pricing and sign up today. Our next Probate Mastermind call is tomorrow at 1:00pm EST, be there or be like your competition! ‪#‎AllTheLeads‬

Come list me” calls today from Probate Letter #2. The interesting part is they have been holding the letter for over 60 days before calling for help. ‪#‎AllTheLeads‬

On our weekly Probate Mastermind call now. One of our members in a rural market has spent $1,400 in 4 months which will result in $30,000 gross commission. Now that’s a good return! ‪#‎AllTheLeads‬

Listed a probate house in Roanoke yesterday after only 1 letter and I’m already negotiating a very solid offer while enjoying this. I love this business!

If you could spend $400 and make $6,000 – $24,000 in the next 90 days what are some good reasons not to?? Call us to get set up today and we’ll show you EXACTLY how to become a niche listing agent who provides value first by helping families who inherit real estate and aren’t sure how to handle it.

I have done and am doing business with the leaders of this company. They are by far some of the most genuine, innovative. and talented individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the Real Estate industry Nationwide. All The Leads is reshaping the way many professionals will choose to spend their hard earned marketing budget and I have no doubt they will be successful. I highly recommend this company!

An agent in my office has been using your service for 4 months. He has gotten 6 listings and bought 2 properties. Please let me know if any more spots open up in my market.

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