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849 S Casaloma Dr,
Appleton, WI 54914

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Nails Envy & Spa. I went here with my family the day before a wedding we were attending.
The service was okay. We didn’t wait too long to get both a manicure and pedicure each. The employees did not say much to us, but I didn’t notice because we were busy talking about wedding details.
I had previously gotten acrylic nails at a different salon, so I just needed a fill-in. I was pleased with the result. The second time I went there was completely different. I was welcomed, new acrylics were suggested, and seated in the chair.
The only time she talked to me after that was when she asked for payment before the nails were done (which was taken by her 7-8 year old daughter). I wasn’t expecting to have a conversation, but I was irritated that she never asked how long I wanted them, the shape of them, etc. While she was doing them, there was one other customer there. The employees were being extremely unprofessional. When it was time for them to dry (15 mins at a different station) she set an egg timer, one that stopped 7-8 times.
She never came back to check on me, nor did she say good-bye as I left. By the time I got home that night, they were already dented, scratched, and gouged (keep in mind I was extra careful, even though they should have been dry when I left). The next day was even worse. Blaming myself, I never went back in to get them fixed.
I’m not a person to make a big deal about something until now.(…)

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