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Bumpcasso Hill
Just walked into the Nail Arts salon and the nail technicians were rude and very disrespectful. I waited over an hour for the Nail Arts salon to open. They asked me to pick a color and when I tried to explain what services I wanted, they asked me to leave their shop. Confused and apalled I exited the nail salon as I felt threatened. I will NEVER utilized this facility again. This salon does not deserve a rating. Poor customer service. STAY AWAY.
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Nail Arts.
I wouldn’t even give this place a one star rating! Myself, along with two other friends went here for pedicures and shellac manicures and EACH of us unfortunately had a bad experience! The man who did my manicure, first of all, reeked of stale smoke.

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    Carolyn S.

    Milwaukee, WI

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    I have been going to Le at Nail Arts for as long as I can remember. В She does a fabulous job and is very professional. В I have been getting manicures/pedicures for 10+ years and Le is the only person I trust to do my nails. В I am diabetic and therefore need to be extra careful. В I have never encountered any problems during any of my many times at the salon. В (I have been to other salons and had terrible experiences, i.e. a trip to the hospital due to being cut with a razor!)

    As for some of the feedback from the other ladies, you get what you pay for. В If you want to go to a salon and pay upwards of $60, then do so. В Nail Arts doesn’t advertise itself to a be a high end salon.

    Rather than complain about the cost of add on services, how about reading the services menu prior to your service? В It’s your responsibility to know how much something costs – the prices are right on the wall for you.

    Another thing, I don’t rely on the salon’s colors, I bring my own so I can do my own touch ups when, and if, necessary.

    Like a restaurant, this is a service industry business and employees are encouraged to offer extra services. В 

    Lastly, if you can’t provide a decent tip for a job well done, perhaps you shouldn’t be getting your nails done in the first place….

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