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it was so so. Insidious3 was much scarier

Date day with my favorite little girl. First minion lunch, then clothes shopping, then toy shopping, and now minion movie. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Movie night with my mom and niece!!!

We went to see Hercules on July 26 it was showing in #10. As I went to sit in a seat my leg was scratched open because there was only metal on the arm rest which I couldn’t see in the dark. For the money we pay I expect the seats should be safe if not comfortable. I hope they fix this before someone really gets hurt on the sharp metal.

I went on Friday, April 17th to see Unfriended with some of my friends. We were all over the age of 17 which was required for the movie as it was a rated r movie. The theater slowly filled up with middle school aged children. They were very rude throughout the whole movie. Constantly laughing at unrelated topics, yelling things at the screen and so forth. I suggest that when you are giving people their movie tickets, card them because honestly, they just ruin the whole experience for everyone else.

No heat, bad service, and the place was dirty. I will drive to Madison before I ever enter the place again. How are they still in business?.

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wildwood movies 16 image image image

In my last review, posted a year or two ago, I talked about popcorn and trash littering the halls, about the unfriendly service, and about the poor upkeep of this theater.
I don’t know if Movies 16 has a new owner, or what happened, but this theater is DEFINITELY making significant improvements.
My only complaint would be the seating.
Seats are too small, too close, too hard, and all around uncomfortable. Other than that, this theater has made leaps and bounds from where it began. Nicely done, Movies 16!
Ok theater, some of the rooms are looking dated and dirty. The older lady at the ticket desk is the friendliest staff you have, other than that so-so. The rooms are usually dirty, which is not a good experience and why do you not turn down all the lights? If you sit all the way in the back, that light is on you the whole time. Some times when a big blockbuster comes to town the posters are lacking compared to other places.
A lot of fans are into that stuff. Also, we need IMAX PLEASE!
I come to the movies mostly because I’m a freelance writer who covers movies, otherwise I would not pay the prices.
When I have gone to the movies it is either too cold or too hot. Once I couldn’t even take off my gloves because it was so cold in there. Unfortunately we are stuck with it because of the lack of competition. Miss the popcorn toppings.
We go quite a bit. And popcorn in the hallways? It’s a theatre, the(…)

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@ TrippingHippy
Coon Rapids, MN
Life needs to be more interesting like it is in the movies ten no one would ever be bored

@ emlyen
Ashland, WI
Ive only saw the same movies ten times today. #

Nic Hitchins
@ NicHitchins
Movies Ten
Ted (@ Movies Ten)

@ HaveAHappyHeart
Janesville, WI
Spent my free time today watching baby animal videos and seeing Disneys Chimpanzees which wa @ Movies Ten

Tommy N
@ justaddtommy
Janesville, WI View translation

Amanda Michelle
@ Mandababe518
Janesville, WI
New years eve. #
sopumped (@ Movies Ten)

Eva Kold
@ santamonicae
Janesville, WI
Immortals (@ Movies Ten)

Eva Kold
@ santamonicae
Janesville, WI
Twilight with Mom (@ Movies Ten)

Michael Hickey
@ TheHickdog
Janesville, WI
Im at Movies Ten (3100 Deerfield Dr, Janesville)

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