Molly Cool’s Seafood Tavern



(414) 831-2526

(414) 831-8862


1110 N Old World 3rd St,
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Riverfront Plz

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Open Hours

Mon – Thu. 3:00 Pm – 10:00 Pm
Fri – Sat. 11:00 Am – 12:00 Pm
Sun. 11:00 Am – 10:00 Pm

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Molly Cool’s Seafood Tavern, Milwaukee, WI. 208 likes | 383 were here. Welcome to our page! We are excited to be in a like, like relationship with you!. .

Thank you to everyone who came out last night! What a wonderful time!

The Harris brothers will be here soon! Stop by to say hi!

Josh and Jake will be here from the Deadliest Catch tomorrow! If you don’t have your reservation yet, call us at 414.831.8862!

All you can eat brunch includes one Free Mimosa or glass of orange juice per person!

Brrrr!!! Warm up with some of our signature clam chowder!

Will you be in a like, like relationship with us?

Best scallops I’ve ever had and I eat seafood a lot!.

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molly cool seafood tavern image image image

Within Walking distance of dozens of Hotels, Event Venues, and Theaters.
Molly Cool’s Seafood Tavern. Old World Third St. I ate lunch at Molly Cool’s with a group of 5 for my Mom’s birthday. We all ordered different dishes and everyone seemed to enjoy the food.
The menu did seem a bit pricey and limited.
The server accidentally brought me the dinner portion of the jambalaya. Stated the bill would be fixed.
It wasn’t until the credit card was run that we realized it was still wrong.
They were able to fix it and I went home with leftovers.
The service was slow given that they weren’t very busy during the lunch hour.
Given the experience, I couldn’t quite justify a 4 star rating.
We had our wedding at Molly Cool’s in June. The staff was fantastic, the food was delicious, and the price was fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with their menu selection, their upstairs banquet room, and the entire staff’s attention to detail and incredible service. They went above and beyond to make our day special. Can’t wait to go back and celebrate our anniversary. Terrible Food, Good waiter.
While I was eating I was looking at reviews.
I heard somone threw up all night. The cooks have a bad reflection on the place and the waiters.
The place looks nice and set up well, But the food does not match the look of the place. I went to Molly Cool’s Seafood Tavern yesterday on my birthday with my mom, my bro, and m(…)

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Norma Munoz
@ NormaMunoz1
Milwaukee, WI
Just posted a photo @ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern

@ nullster
Milwaukee, WI
Well this weekend will likely go well. #
MKE @ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern

@ DonnyYankee
Milwaukee, WI
Cheers #
happyhour #
3bros #
3drinks (@ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern in Milwaukee, WI)…

Devon Goffman
@ DevonGoffman
Milwaukee, WI
Katie (@ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern – @
mollycools1110 w/ 2 others)…

Jeremy Wick
@ jeremywick
Milwaukee, WI
Happy hour before Bonobo. (@ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern – @

Khaleesi in Asgard
@ LunaStarwind
Milwaukee, WI
The flowers along the Riverwalk are so very pretty. @ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern

Fat Daddys Milwaukee
@ FatDaddysTavern
Milwaukee, WI
Lobster roll, here I come @
mollycools1110 (@ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern – @
@ dine_here
Milwaukee, WI
mollycools1110 Molly Cools Seafood Tavern #
Milwaukee Making it work! Grilled

@ ambergeezer
Milwaukee, WI
xgames on & good food @ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern

Rodolfo Ibarra
@ Rudy_Ibarra
Milwaukee, WI
Out to celebrate!! (@ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern w/ @

Alyssa LaBarbera
@ Ayya_Ann
Milwaukee, WI
My graduate @ Molly Cools Seafood Tavern

Nola J
@ Nolajokes
Milwaukee, WI
Im at Molly Cools Seafood Tavern – @
mollycools1110 (Milwaukee, WI)

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