Mister Gs




(920) 733-9990


340 W Northland Ave,
Appleton, WI 54911

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Open Hours

Mon – Thu. 11:00 Am – 9:00 Pm

Found on Facebook

Now playing . . Imagine Dragons !!!!

Watching Wisconsin play:) And a chance to see my sister Ashley Kamps.

Picking up my winnings from before I left.

Well I guess it’s time to get drunk.

Found on Twitter

Adam Ecker
@ adam_ecker
Appleton, WI
Drinking a Bud Light by @
AnheuserBusch @ Mister Gs — https://untp.beer/s/c141841597 #

Andrew Belonger
@ theandyman
Appleton, WI
Drinking a Newcastle Brown Ale by @
HEINEKEN_UKCorp @ Mister Gs — https://untpd.it/s/c99295825

jennifer kampa
@ jkampa001
Grand Chute, WI
Watching over drive perform (@ Mister Gs) https://4sq.com/1aS6sMv

Lisa M. Blacker
@ Lisa_M_Blacker
Grand Chute, WI
ready for some Reggae! (@ Mister Gs) https://4sq.com/1afKq57

Ross Maxwell – WAPL
@ RossMaxwellWAPL
Mister Gs
Kentucky Derby party! (@ Mister Gs) https://4sq.com/10aevhm

Stephanie Berken
@ wishinitwasyou
Mister Gs
with Jennifer, Nicolas, Jim (@ Mister Gs w/ 2 others) https://4sq.com/16F7Tx6

Landon Lawson
@ mister_lawson
Mister Gs
Im at Mister Gs (Appleton, WI) https://4sq.com/LENLnr

Alex Gigot
@ TheReALexGigot
Grand Chute, WI
Is it bad that I almost see these drunk men at Mister Gs as role models? #

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