Missouri Tavern




(608) 836-0009


7071 Kickaboo Rd,
Waunakee, WI 53597

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The Missouri Tavern, Waunakee, WI. 1,386 likes | 25 talking about this | 2,726 were here. The Missouri Tavern home of Travis Hasse’s Original Apple Pie. .

2 free Brewers t-shirts for the last 2 people that finish the Miller Lite barrel!

Now hiring! Stop on in and fill out an application!

Hiring for bartenders! Please apply at the bar!

It’s Sunday Funday! Come on down for a cocktail or our new weekend bucket special & relax on the patio on this nice summer day!

Happy 4th of July everyone! We are open regular hours today, noon-2:30am! Stop on out for our new weekend bucket special that goes on all day/night! Have a safe holiday weekend!

Come on out for our weekend bucket special star, ting this Friday July 3rd-Sunday all day & night!

We are now hiring for bartenders! If interested stop on down and fill out an application!

Happy Father’s day! Stop out dad’s for your free shot of pie!!

Stop on out tonight & have a cocktail & wish our bartender Chase a happy farewell for tonight is his last night working the Mizzo! Thank you Chase for your hard work & dedication over the years to this bar! You will truly be missed!

FREE Summer Fest tickets for the lucky person who has the last tap of the Miller Lite barrel! Miller Lite tap is $1 from open-7pm Monday-Friday! So stop on down for your chance to win!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all! We will be open regular hours on Memorial Day, 2pm-close! Have a safe holiday weekend everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Stop on out Mom’s & receive a FREE pie shot of your choice!

Happy Wednesday! $1Bud Light, Miller, PBR taps & Blatz in a bottle from 2pm-7pm plus FREE pool & foosball 2pm-close! Stop on out & meet our new Wednesday bartender!

Its game day! Come on down and grab a seat for the Brewers & the Badger game! $1 taps of Bud Light, Miller Lite & PBR 2pm-7pm, FREE pool & foosball 2pm-close! Plus $3 shot of the week of Jack Daniels Fire!! GO BADGERS!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! We are open today, 12pm – close! Stop on out & have a cocktail with us & enjoy our patio!!

Free drinks at the Missouri Tavern if either Tom Wunderlin or Nate Graney shows up to buy. Please encourage them to come on out!

Shot special of the week! $3 shot of Wheelhouse Whiskey!

Fond memories of a quick stop last July, my baby brother’s wedding day! Such wonderful hospitality and good cheer!

Chill, close to home tavern. Easy to get to. Awesome staff.

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Waunakee, just north of Madison and Middleton on Hwy 12.

(608) 836-0009

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Danette Got-Wed
@ netty1001
Wisconsin, USA
Driving by… Looks like someone turned their house in to a tavern! Gotta love Wisconsin (@ Missouri Tavern) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/286n6v270mF

abby bartlett
@ abbyd00
Springfield, WI
Im at Missouri Tavern (Waunakee, WI) https://4sq.com/15DBkRS

Badger Roadtrip
@ BadgerRoadtrip
Janesville, WI
Or say hi to us on our Friday Bus Trip – Scheduled stops at Rookies, Missouri Tavern, Luckys-Waunakee, Ale House & 10 Pin Alley so far…

Christian Baughman
@ cdbtrump
Springfield, WI
Sag support for the support crew (@ Missouri Tavern) https://ow.ly/22puOy #

Danielle Bruflodt
@ Thyme_is_Honey
Springfield, WI View translation
Post skiing bar hop. #
fb @ Missouri Tavern https://instagr.am/p/WFsb5kuU2c/

Justin Aaron Morris
Springfield, WI
Drink drink @
cokavo09 (@ Missouri Tavern) https://4sq.com/SFPRnh

Beer Snob Barth
@ Schmocktales
Springfield, WI
$1 Blatz & free darts? Sure why not (@ Missouri Tavern w/ @
mattschmock) https://4sq.com/Qwewxn

Greg Washington
@ gregawashington
Springfield, WI
Im at Missouri Tavern Home of Hasses Apple Pie Liqueur (7071 Kick a Boo Road, Waunakee) https://4sq.com/w1gMx6

Michelle Vande Hey
@ CoachMVandeHey
Springfield, WI
Im at Missouri Tavern w/ 4 others https://4sq.com/pYyJ6M

@ hayleywolf
The Missouri Tavern
We drink out of mason jars here. I love it! (@ Missouri Tavern) https://4sq.com/qonCPi

Evan McKnight
@ EvAnMcKnIgHt
The Missouri Tavern
Im at Missouri Tavern. https://4sq.com/cs9oY8

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Its Friday and that means we need to buckle down and…. just kidding! Lets have a shot of Apple Pie! #

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Thank u Capitol-Husting for visiting the Missouri Tavern to see what Travis Hasse Distilling is all… https://instagram.com/p/49-UgmCgpg/

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
There are few things in this world more #
DamnWholesome than Apple Pie. Have a shot with us today! pic.twitter.com/pRhdkOT2OP

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Gift from the race director from Racine Ironman and Madisons local Raceday Events. Thank you they… https://instagram.com/p/3j5IJxigqx/

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Youre welcome. Hasse Old Fashioned1 oz bourbon¾ oz TH Distilling Cherry Piedash of bittersCherry + Orange peel

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Despite the crazy weather, were not giving up on the sun! #
DamnWholesome pic.twitter.com/GcYzQlp0xB

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Did you get to check out our Hasse Choconaner? #
CantBeat #
DamnWholesome pic.twitter.com/4scDC6nKpV

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Im just going to leave this picture here and let you decide whether or not you need a shot right now. #
AnswerIsYes pic.twitter.com/HmV3RxmQqy

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Have a #
DamnWholesome Cinco de Mayo with one of our newest creations: The Hasse Apple Pierita! pic.twitter.com/EMzlKWHKCH

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Its Friday and were making these for everyone tonight! #
DamnWholesome pic.twitter.com/DMpK9N5eI7

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Have you tried one of our favorite #
DamnWholesome cocktails? The Hasse American Dream! pic.twitter.com/7xOvcpQwM1

The Showboat Saloon
@ Showboat_Saloon
$2.50 Taps(24) Until 6pmIncluding @
MobCraftBeer Raspberry Golden Ale! pic.twitter.com/kI5PzlpJG1

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
This cocktail was built for the patio. #
DamnWholesome pic.twitter.com/DttTbReoPU

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Its Friday night and its time to be the hero of the group and grab a round of Hasse Apple Pie shots! #

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Not totally sure if its fall or spring here in Wisconsin. Guess Ill just have a glass of Cow Pie on the rocks and wait for summer.

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
I need a glass of Apple Pie right now. Whos with me?!

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
A glass of Travis Hasse Apple Pie on the rocks always mixes well with a day of family and friends.

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
If youre in Indy for the #
FinalFour this weekend hit up @
TapsandDolls, @
ThePubIndy & @
Social245 for a glass of Travis Hasse! #

Travis Hasse
@ travishasse
Lets hang out outside, have a glass of the Hasse, Water, Lime and let all of our problems melt away. #
DamnWholesome pic.twitter.com/R9GSoZDOp7

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The Missouri Tavern

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