Milwaukee Country Club



(414) 357-8378

(414) 362-5200


8000 N Range Line Rd,
River Hills, WI 53217

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11 To 20 Tees
18 Holes

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Cousin reunion! Love coming back to Sconnie for a visit!

Having fun with grandma! Boys had a blast. Not pictured is the multiple meltdowns that teddy had because I wouldn’t let him go off of the diving boards. Nothing like a sobbing 4 year old to shake up a country club Смайлик «wink»

Picking Sydney up from work. She works four nights this week.

Great day playing in Wisconsin on a great course. Thanks Patti Williams for a fun day! We are practicing for Ireland next week!

Sydney worked until 8:30 last night and we left the house this morning at 6:15 to go to work today.

Waiting for Sydney to get done working.

My daughter is following my foot steps. Working at a country club in the bag room.

On my way to this open interview. I hope I get the job like for real

Fabulous club, wonderful service and amazing food. Very family friendly club. .

Benny destroying the green side bunker on #11 ‪#‎lipout‬ ‪#‎oneclubtoolittle‬ ‪#‎MCC‬ ‪#‎caddyshack‬ ‪#‎standardbunkershot‬

Cousin reunion! Love coming back to Sconnie for a visit!

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Julia Desmond
@ JuliaDesmond1
River Hills, WI
Pre Oneness Meditation chill session at Milwaukee Country Club! See everyone later at our 2 Oneness…

Roger Ecks
River Hills, WI
Milwaukee Country Club Girls 14 Tournament Champion! #
soproud #
tennis @ Milwaukee Country Club

Lauren Kenney
@ LoloKenney
Milwaukee, WI
Cousins. #
Bensy #
Epic @ Milwaukee Country Club

Husani Redding
@ husaniredding
River Hills, WI
Golfing (@ Milwaukee Country Club in River Hills, WI)…

Gene Mueller
@ genemueller
River Hills, WI
My bestest half and I at Penfieds Croqet Ball at Milwaukee Country Club. Yep. Outkicked my coverage.

〽️⭕️N EY
@ MoneyTNK
Milwaukee, WI
VitaminDonn Milwaukee Country Club8000 N Range Line Rd, River Hills, WI 53217

Milwaukee CP
@ MilwaukeeCP
Milwaukee, WI
Christmas tree starts fire at Milwaukee Country Club: RIVER HILLS (WITI) — The Milwaukee Country Club suffered…

Jerry Kershasky
@ JerryKershasky
Madison, WI
FinestGolfHoles: The 10th at Milwaukee Country Club in Wisconsin, USA” Zac, lots of trees out on right side. Nice!

George Tan
@ Naplestan
River Hills, WI
Anyone remember playing with this? @ Milwaukee Country Club

@ kayteybarthel
Milwaukee Country Club
Tennis time (@ Milwaukee Country Club)

Milwaukee, WI
Got asked if I go to the Milwaukee country club 3 times already because of my sweater. To bad I found this bad boy at goodwill! #

@ kayteybarthel
Milwaukee Country Club
Perfect weather for a swim meet (@ Milwaukee Country Club)

Theresa Stocking
@ teasox
River Hills, WI
Check out Milwaukee Country Club (7835 N Green Bay Ave, Milwaukee) on @

Clark Kent
@ Clarkdagr8
River Hills, WI
Today at work (at Milwaukee Country Club) [pic] —

George Tan
@ Naplestan
Milwaukee Country Club
Im at Milwaukee Country Club Pool (River Hills, WI)

George Tan
@ Naplestan
Milwaukee Country Club
Water was a little cool today! Sunday funday Lol (@ Milwaukee Country Club Pool) [pic]:

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