Midtown Foods


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(507) 452-7935


1213 Gilmore Ave # A4,
Winona, MN 55987

Winona Mall

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Sarah’s fan that she slaved over for 2 hours!.

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@ GoWinonaMN
Find deals in your community at your local grocer Midtown Foods! https://ow.ly/PTFMe pic.twitter.com/xAwkipGQXh

Jobs Winona
@ JobsWinona
How To Win $100 in Groceries from Midtown Foods https://www.jobsinwinonamn.com/how-to-win-100-in-groceries-from-midtown-foods/… pic.twitter.com/IY6KCvPkfI

@ sknepps
Winona, MN
Midtown foods: Grocery store by day..tattoo parlor by night @kelseycmeyla pic.twitter.com/5G7tecb1z6

Bryce Sprosty
@ bsprosty
Winona, MN
Im at Midtown Foods (Winona, MN) https://4sq.com/16U8JHS

Zach Zurn
@ zzurn
Midtown Foods
I just ousted Carl V. as the mayor of Midtown Foods on @
foursquare! https://4sq.com/aSawdO

Amanda Farrell
@ AMFarrell07
St. Paul, MN
JayBay11 you would have never worked at midtown foods and therefore never would have met me. #

Keegan, el vegano
@ boucekk
Winona, MN
Last of its kind. I hate diet coke though. @ Midtown Foods https://instagr.am/p/PQJku8qkN6/

@ DunstanMcGill
Midtown Foods
Purchasing raisin bran cuz its a little known secret I h8 myself (@ Midtown Foods) https://4sq.com/Lol602

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