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(920) 484-3414


107 S Main St,
Fall River, WI 53932

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Mickelson Feed Company, Fall River, WI. 148 | 3 | 6 . Mickelson Feed was established in Fall River September. .

The cap makes an appearance at the Department of Agriculture. How fitting. Tom Pawlisch .

World traveler, Tom Pawlisch, introduces Mickelson Feed to the masses. Backwood bars to city chic, this cap has got you covered.

Yup, the ladies love the camo! Keep up the good work Tom Pawlisch.

Chickens ready! Hey, who ate all the chicken!?! Turn my back for one minute and BAM, 2 chickens gone. I guess next week we’ll try 3.

Didn’t take long to finish those chicks. อีโมติคอน wink Hope they aren’t offended by the smell of the smoker. Smoked chicken this afternoon.

No problem keeping chicks and turkeys warm today.

I think I’ll make one for the mill. Dennis’ Weather Stone.

Leroy’s sporting a new spring hairdo.

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Specializing in custom dairy concentrates.
Dog and cat foods from Diamond, Nutri Source, Pure Vita others.
Birdseed, horse feed, shavings, rabbit pellets,chicken,turkey,pheasent,duck,llama,goat,sheep.
107 S Main St Fall River, WI 53932.
(920) 484-3414

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Mickelson Feed Company

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