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Menards is family-owned with local home improvement stores across the Midwest. I purchased a door for my new cabin and when I got it to my cabin I realized the jamb was damaged, there was a scratch in the window and there was a large dent in the panel. I figured that this stuff must happen sometimes and Menards would surely exchange it for another.
Boy was I wrong.
A manager named Jim refused to take it back.
He claimed he had no way to tell if the damage was done by me after I left the store with it. I can assure you that it was never handled by me until the damage was discovered.
It was loaded into my truck by Menards employees and I saw the damage before I unloaded it. I tried to return it a few days later but Jim wouldn’t allow it. He would only offer me a warranty claim paper but that says its for stuff that is installed.
I thought Menards cared about people but I guess I was wrong.
Jim was also very arrogant and condescending toward me. He was a down right jerk.
I just bought this cabin and am planning a major remodel but I have now instructed my builder to not put a single Menards product in my place. I can’t recommend this place and based on other reviews it looks like this kind of thing happens often. Several days ago our family visited the Wausau, WI Menards and spoke with Amber regarding new outside screen doors.
Amber came to us asking if we needed help, which we did, and provided fa(…)

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