Memories Antique Mall



(920) 788-5553


400 Randolph Dr,
Appleton, WI 54913

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Mon – Fri. 10:00 Am – 6:00 Pm

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All on one easy to access level. Memories Antique Mall is home to over 80 vendors offering something for everyone:
Pop Culture, Vintage Ephemera, Antiques and Collectibles.
The two women working the day I visited were helpful however the purchase pile I had building was at least a hundred dollars and because they were closing I asked to hold my things so I could bring my family back the next morning which would have benefited them at least double, I just preferred to make one purchase instead of separate ones.
and because she had just let the older couple ahead of me do that very thing I figured it was something within reason.was I wrong.
Not only was I told no, but I was ushered thru the check out very rudely as the male owner I assume made rude comments about people getting out and actually shut the lights off on us.
He was so uninterested in being decent and saying thank you for the purchase I made.even after I purposely tried to engage him in conversation he snubbed me like a piece of trash. People who hate people clearly should not be in customer service of any kind!
Too bad too cause I would have loved to have brought my whole family back to shop there.big big big big big loss.
Upon entering the mall, we were informed that we had to check all of our purses.
When several of us expressed concern about this, we were told, very rudely it was mall policy and HAD to be done. As I started to ask wh(…)

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