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Full service Duluth Minnesota property management company that provides commercial real estate investment services, apartments for rent, and property management services.
I lived in Torrance Hall on 23rd Ave. UMD in a one bedroom unit. It was very nice there. I lived there for 2 years and never had any complaints about it except that the heating was loud at times and sometimes it got too hot in my unit. Also, sometimes there were no parking spaces left after about 9 pm. Otherwise, they are well maintained and clean. The other people that live in Torrance Hall were pretty laid back and nice. I lived there for 2 years.
A nice thing about Melhus Management is that after a year lease it goes month to month. So, you have a little extra flexibility when it comes to moving and stuff. I am now living in Baypoint Shorelines on Park Point. I have lived here almost 1 year.
I like it here a little better.
The only complaints I have about this place is having to wait for the bridge making me late (which and some of the old people that live here can be grumpy at times.
But for the most part the people that live here are very kind.
There are many things about this complex that I love such as the shopping carts in the basement. You can load up your groceries in the garage in the cart and get on the elevator and bring them to your apartment. They also have larger carts that make moving in a breeze or bringing large thin(…)

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