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2115 Neva Rd,
Antigo, WI 54409

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Founded in 1948, McDonald’s is one of the leading global foodservice retailers in the world. Located in Antigo, Wis., it operates in more than 32,000 locations and serves approximately 60 million customers in more than 100 countries each day. The store s menu offers customers a wide range of items, such as hamburgers/cheeseburgers, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Filet-O-Fish, several chicken sandwiches, Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Selects, French fries and many more. McDonald s Breakfast offerings include Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, McGriddles, biscuit/bagel sandwiches, hotcakes and muffins.


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Open Hours

Mon – Sun. 5:00 Am – 11:00 Pm

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I stopped in as I was passing through Antigo on a Tue. at 6 p.m. The place was almost empty. Tables were all dirty as wa. s the floor. The soda dispenser area was filthy and the trash cans were overflowing. Two star, s because the food was okay.

At the hospital with Raini Moede-Wessman and Elliot Wessman! Let’s get this thing moving with some mcdonalds! Lol!

Healthy (haha) lunch with my 2 girlies

2 AM McDonald’s run with Linda. Oh the nostalgia. Lol

Well here I am at 940 pm getting ready to go to work when I should be climbing into a toasty warm bed. . money’s gotta be made it won’t just given to me.

This morning I am star, ting the day in North Central Wisconsin in the town of Antigo. We should be home by mid to late afternoon.

Butch Duchac Becky Duchac Gaby Duchac

I guess this turned into a McDonalds buffet.

With Conner Van Dorf. After working on the gazebo shed.

There IS a 3rd window at the Antigo McDonalds! HOW EXCITING!

Yet one more time went through drive-thru and the order wasn’t right. Funny we can go through the drive-thru in Wittenberg and the orders are always fast, correct and hot. Antigo can’t seem to get more than one of those things right at a time and half of the time they can’t even get one right.

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