Maplewood Nursing Home


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1501 Thompson St,
Bloomer, WI 54724

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This is a bad day my Dad is passing away fast there saying that he only has a few hrs or a few days left I’m staying at the hospital with him at

Sitting in er with my Lil boy.

Waiting for the Dr. to come in and let us know what is going on and when we can good home.

Starting my new job tomorrow!! So exited סמל ההבעה ‏‎smile‎‏

Seeing if jasmin’s sore throat is strep or not. .

Feeling much better the meds made the kidney pain stop now waiting to see y it star, ted

Eric is done, now it is my turn. Just cant wait to eat!

What’s a holiday weekend without an emergency room visit?!? Along with hooking a few fish, Brady managed to hook his finger. With David Leiser

I have the same colon infection again. I get to stay here this time for a couple days.: סמל ההבעה ‏‎smile‎‏ (

At clinic with Annalise after a 12 hour NOC shift. ;(

ER for round 2.

Dylan driving me to urgent care* *Me coughing up a lung* Dylan- “Please don’t die” Me- “Why not?” Dylan- ” #1 I would miss you too much, #2 because I don’t want a dead person in my car.” Gee thanks!.

Also Known As

The Maple Wood

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