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Check us out on Fox 6 contact reports! We care about YOU and what goes on your skin/hair/body! Not sure what’s in your makeup? Needing new p
new products but not sure what to get? Call us and leave a message for Amanda or email to schedule a lesson or to stop in and check out some new p
Ladies Night at Luxe! Thursday, December 11th at 6pm. Featuring Stella and Dot, DoTerra Essential Oils and some locally made crafts! Hope to see you there!
Luxe The Salon, Shorewood, WI. 511 likes · 71 were here. LUXE the salon is Milwaukee’s premiere organic salon.

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  1. casey m reviewer

    Casey M.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    The relationship and trust between a girl and her hairdresser is one of the strongest bonds you can find!

    I moved to Wisconsin 6 years ago, having to leave my hairdresser of 2 years, back in Colorado. Every time I left Kristen, I was beyond amazed. В I have spent SIX years trying to find that talent again. I’ve jumped all over this town showing every stylist the same 4 or 5 pictures of that hair color, highlight placement, cut, etc. No one has been able to come even close to it, or anything i’ve loved, UNTIL Laura! В She returned my call on her own time to consult about what I wanted and was able to get me in the salon in 2 days. I honestly walked in planning to just scrap my auburn, and go back to all over blonde, but thought i’d show her the pictures and share my sob story, just in case. She seemed very confident and willing to attempt the color/style I loved. В She absolutely nailed it! I could not be happier. I have gotten so many compliments in the last 3 days which prompt me to sing her praise.

    The salon was lovely, friendly staff, but I was just thrilled with Laura. The price was pretty comparable to other salons ive been to and not crazy because its “Shorewood”. В But honestly, you cant put a price on happiness. Ive paid similar amounts and walked out just okay, content, or worse, have had to fix it somewhere else. I can’t tell you the relief of knowing that when its time for a touch up, I know exactly where Im going and wont have to spend hours hunting online for reviews on salons/stylists.

  2. default gravatar

    Rp T.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    Read a fabulous review about Cheane and her curl-taming ways and figured I’d give her a go. My curls are no longer the frizzy, unruly, must-hide mess I took into the salon but are glossy, manageable and she told me exactly how to do it myself. My new favorite salon!

  3. default gravatar

    P S.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I used to go to Laura Filip when she worked at Ariel Hair Studio. В I’m just going to repost my review on her here:
    She’s awesome and very personable. В She will take the time to hear what you want, ask you questions, tell you what she thinks, discuss options, etc, etc. She won’t just chop away either. She’ll make sure you’re comfortable with the length and everything during the process. The haircut you get coming out of this place is definitely catered to your head. She’ll understand how to cut your hair around your cowlicks and head shape. She’s given me the best answers/ solutions to my hair questions/ problems as well because she knows her stuff and will take the time to explain things correctly. If you tell her you don’t use product in your hair, she will take note, unlike others who will goop it on anyway. Laura cares about hair and you can tell by the way she talks about it when discussing yours. В 
    As for Luxe – It’s nice and small, sunny and tastefully decorated. В They also have jewelry on display for sale by the door. В I was able to find a non-metered 2 hr parking spot right in front during lunch time but it was still pretty busy. В I like the vibe in this place. В Not pretentious at all but relaxed and welcoming. В City Market and other restaurants nearby so if you are getting your hair colored or whatnot, one of the gals is willing to make a run for you. В Prices for haircuts are reasonable too – womens – just over $40.

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